Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Empty hands, open mind and heart

“This is difficult to believe,” Devorah said. “And it’s similar to the radical shift in belief and perspective I shared a few posts ago. But Heaven itself is reached with empty hands and open minds, which come with nothing to find everything. This means holding everything lightly even our most sacred laws, cherished beliefs and ideals.

“To do violence in God’s name and in the name of your most cherished beliefs and ideals is not only hypocritical and absurd, it is to do violence not only to those cherished ideals, but to ourselves and our reality as one with the power we call ‘God.’ God does not require us to defend him or worship him in certain arcane ways. God is not Zeus. God is an invisible power within us, reflected in our desire for love, compassion, peace, mercy, inclusion and joy.

“The fear of God is in truth the fear of ourselves and our constant misuse of the power we call ‘God.’ Heaven itself is real and within each of us right now, even within the sinners, perverts and evil-doers, and is reached by releasing the interferences to Its presence within us, judging not, and remembering Its benign and loving reality. Release the ego thought system you clutch so tightly and your empty hands become free to receive Heaven’s gifts.”


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Apply When Tempted to Deny!

“Apply, when tempted to deny!” Devorah said, grinning at her neat turn of phrase. “When tempted to see yourself as a victim of something or someone outside you, believing your change of mood is due to anything other than the power of your mind, turn within and claim the power of your mind and with it the oneness with the power we call ‘God’. When tempted to hold a grievance, feel victimized or blame (even yourself), not only do you deny your mind’s power to upset you, you also deny its power to make you whole and peaceful. The mind’s power is returned to you when you remember to think: ‘I loose the world from all I thought it was, and choose my own reality instead….’ Apply when tempted to deny!”

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Devorah (and Harmony-Quest Publications) are seeking a part time Marketing Director/Consultant.

The position includes your photo on the Staff page of the HQPubs.com website. Pay negotiable at an hourly rate. Ten hours a week minimum. Will need to read the book and have some marketing experience, be open-minded and creative. Apply here with preferred hourly rate and phone number.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Seek Not to Change the World, But to Change You Mind About the World, Four of Four

“This is going to be a radical one today,” Devorah said. “But Love is not silent and unheard. Be quiet and still but for an instant and you will hear it and you will know the truth. Not one note of Heaven’s song has been missed. Believe this, not the ego. Choose truth, not illusion and you will experience truth, not illusion. Know that each moment and hour and day can be an opportunity to hear God’s song and know the truth of who you (and everyone and everything else) is by bringing the illusion to the truth. Do not seek to change the world, but to change your mind about the world.”


Friday, March 21, 2014

Seek Not to Change the World, But to Change Your Mind About the World, Three of Four

Seek Not to Change the World, But to Change You Mind About the World, Three of Four

“This is going to be a radical one today,” Devorah said. “Were you quiet and still but for an instant, you would hear the soundless melody that pours from God to you eternally in loving praise of what you are. But you are not quiet nor still. You listen to the raucous shrieks of the ego.  How can the power we call ‘God’ reach you when it is your ego’s specialness to which you listen, and which asks and answers, drowning out the vast song of honor and love for what you are and making it seem silent and unheard?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seek Not to Change the World, But to Change You Mind About the World, Two of Four

“This is going to be a radical one today,” Devorah said. “The self you made and take to be real is not the child of the power we call ‘God’. Therefore, this self does not exist. And anything it seems to do and think means nothing. It is neither bad nor good. It is unreal, and nothing more than that. It does not battle with you, cannot hurt you, cannot turn eternal sinlessness into sin, nor love to hate. What power can the self you made have when it would seek to contradict the power we call ‘God’? 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Change the World, Change Your Mind About the World, One of Four

“This is going to be a radical one today,” Devorah said. “Not about changing the world, for the world is an illusion, but about changing our minds about the world; not about praying to the power we call ‘God’ to make things better here, but praying to know the world is an illusion and bring that illusion to the truth.” Devorah sighed. “Simply listen and consider what I say. In quiet receive the word of God today. Don’t try to figure it out for what we figure with is part of the illusion.