Monday, October 31, 2011

There is a God-power at the Center

Paraphrasing Ernest Holmes in the October SOM Magazine:

“There is a God-power at the center of [everyone and everything.] A Presence that knows neither lack, limitation, or fear, nor sickness, disquiet, or imperfection.” Oh, boy, do I want to believe this! I love the idea! It’s what I practice to know in my day-to-day.

“But because everyone is an individual, [they] can build a wall of negative thought between [themselves] and this perfection.” What Emerson called our “bloated nothingness” advising us to get it “out of the way of the divine circuits.”

“The wall which keeps [me] from the greater good [not just for myself, but for everyone and everything] is built of mental blocks, cemented together by fear and unbelief, mixed in the mortar of negative experience.” Isn’t this true? Haven’t you felt it in your own experience? I have.

Spiritual practice in the form of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, cooperation, open-mindedness, mindfulness, acceptance of personal responsibility and the cessation of victimhood, blaming and demonizing are the way I, and you, tear down this wall, one brick at a time. It’s a never ending process requiring willingness, faith, courage and discipline. But, as we remove the mental blocks, we are rewarded and reinforced with glimpses of what the wall hid – the love, joy, peace and gladness, that was always, always there waiting to be revealed.

We realize the sun never really stopped shining and the river of life flows within us naturally, unimpeded, forever. We come to understand that each person’s experience is an attempt to merge their own being with this eternal river, not to the loss of their identity, but to the discovery of that Self which has never wholly left its heaven.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Moral Framework for the Occupy Wall Street Movement by George Lakoff, 4

We are part of nature. Nature makes us, and all that we love, possible. Yet we are destroying Nature through global warming and other forms of ecological destruction, like fracking and deep-water drilling.
At a global scale, nature is systemic: its effects are neither local nor linear. Global warming is causing the ferocity of the monster storms, tornados, floods, blizzards, heat waves, and fires that have devastated huge areas of our country. The hotter the atmosphere, the more evaporated water and the more energy going into storms, tornados, and blizzards. Global warming cannot be shown to cause any particular storm, but when a storm system forms, global warming will ramp up the power of the storm and the amount of water it carries. In winter, evaporated water from the overly heated Pacific will go into the atmosphere, blow northeast over the arctic, and fall as record snows.
We depend on nature - on clean air, water, food, and a livable climate. And we find beauty and grandeur in nature, and a sense of awe that makes life worth living. A love of country requires a love of nature. And a fair and thriving economy requires the preservation of nature as we have known it.

OWS is a moral and patriotic movement. It sees Democracy as flowing from citizens caring about one another as well as themselves, and acting with both personal and social responsibility. Democratic governance is about The Public, and the liberty that The Public provides for a thriving Private Sphere. From such a democracy flows fairness, which is incompatible with a hugely disproportionate distribution of wealth. And from the sense of care implicit in such a democracy flows a commitment to the preservation of nature.
From what I have seen of most members of OWS, your individual concerns all flow from one moral focus.

The Tea Party solidified the power of the conservative worldview via elections. OWS will have no long-term effect unless it too brings its moral focus to the 2012 elections. Insist on supporting candidates that have your overall moral views, no matter what the local issues are.

A Warning
This movement could be destroyed by negativity, by calls for revenge, by chaos, or by having nothing positive to say. Be positive about all things and state the moral basis of all suggestions. Positive and moral in calling for debt relief. Positive and moral in upholding laws, as they apply to finances. Positive and moral in calling for fairness in acquiring needed revenue. Positive and moral in calling for clean elections. To be effective, your movement must be seen by all of the 99% as positive and moral. To get positive press, you must stress the positive and the moral.
Remember: The Tea Party sees itself as stressing only individual responsibility. The Occupation Movement is stressing both individual and social responsibility.
I believe, and I think you believe, that most Americans care about their fellow citizens as well as themselves. Let's find out! Shout your moral and patriotic views out loud, regularly. Put them on your signs. Repeat them to the media. Tweet them. And tell everyone you know to do the same. You have to use your own language with your own framing and you have to repeat it over and over for the ideas to sink in.
Occupy elections: voter registration drives, town hall meetings, talk radio airtime, party organizations, nomination campaigns, election campaigns, and voting booths.
Above all: Frame yourselves before others frame you.

George Lakoff is the author of "Moral Politics, Don't Think of an Elephant!," "Whose Freedom?," and "Thinking Points" (with the Rockridge Institute staff). He is Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, and a founding senior fellow at the Rockridge Institute.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Moral Framework for the Occupy Wall Street Movement by George Lakoff, 3

I think it is a good thing that the occupation movement is not making specific policy demands. If it did, the movement would become about those demands. If the demands were not met, the movement would be seen as having failed.

It seems to me that the OWS movement is moral in nature, that occupiers want the country to change its moral focus. It is easy to find useful policies; hundreds have been suggested. It is harder to find a moral focus and stick to it. If the movement is to frame itself, it should be on the basis of its moral focus, not a particular agenda or list of policy demands. If the moral focus of America changes, new people will be elected and the policies will follow. Without a change of moral focus, the conservative worldview that has brought us to the present disastrous and dangerous moment will continue to prevail.

We Love America. We're Here to Fix It
I see OWS as a patriotic movement, based on a deep and abiding love of country - a patriotism that it is not just about the self-interests of individuals, but about what the country is and is to be. Do Americans care about other citizens, or mainly just about themselves? That's what love of America is about. I therefore think it is important to be positive, to be clear about loving America, seeing it in need of fixing, and not just being willing to fix it, but being willing to take to the streets to fix it. A populist movement starts with the people seeing that they are all in the same boat and being ready to come together to fix the leaks.
Publicize the Public

Tell the truth about The Public, that nobody makes it purely on their own without The Public, that is, without public infrastructure, the justice system, health, education, scientific research, protections of all sorts, public lands, transportation, resources, art and culture, trade policies, safety nets, … That is a truth to be told day after day. It is an idea that must take hold in public discourse. It must go beyond what I and others have written about it and beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said in her famous video. The Public is not opposed to The Private. The Public is what makes The Private possible. And it is what makes freedom possible. Wall Street exists only through public support. It has a moral obligation to direct itself to public needs.
All OWS approaches to policy follow from such a moral focus. Here are a handful examples.

Democracy should be about the 99%
Money directs our politics. In a democracy, that must end. We need publicly supported elections, however that is to be arranged.
Strong Wages Make a Strong America
Middle-class wages have not gone up significantly in 30 years, and there is conservative pressure to lower them. But when most people get more money, they spend it and spur the economy, making the economy and the country stronger, as well as making their individual lives better. This truth needs to be central to public economic discourse.

Global Citizenship
America has been a moral beacon to the world. It can function as such only if it sets an example of what a nation should be.
Do we have to spend more on the military that all other nations combined? Do we really need hundreds of military bases abroad?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Moral Framework for the Occupy Wallstreet Movement by George Lakoff

Two Moral Framing Systems in Politics
Conservatives have figured out their moral basis and you see it on Wall Street: It includes: The primacy of self-interest. Individual responsibility, but not social responsibility. Hierarchical authority based on wealth or other forms of power. A moral hierarchy of who is "deserving," defined by success. And the highest principle is the primacy of this moral system itself, which goes beyond Wall Street and the economy to other arenas: family life, social life, religion, foreign policy, and especially government. Conservative "democracy" is seen as a system of governance and elections that fits this model.
Though OWS concerns go well beyond financial issues, your target is right: the application of these principles in Wall Street is central, since that is where the money comes from for elections, for media, and for right-wing policy-making institutions of all sorts on all issues.
The alternative view of democracy is progressive: Democracy starts with citizens caring about one another and acting responsibly on that sense of care, taking responsibility both for oneself and for one's family, community, country, people in general, and the planet. The role of government is to protect and empower all citizens equally via The Public: public infrastructure, laws and enforcement, health, education, scientific research, protection, public lands, transportation, resources, art and culture, trade policies, safety nets, and on and on. Nobody makes it one their own. If you got wealthy, you depended on The Public, and you have a responsibility to contribute significantly to The Public so that others can benefit in the future. Moreover, the wealthy depend on those who work, and who deserve a fair return for their contribution to our national life. Corporations exist to make life better for most people. Their reason for existing is as public as it is private.
A disproportionate distribution of wealth robs most citizens of access to the resources controlled by the wealthy. Immense wealth is a thief. It takes resources from the rest of the population - the best places to live, the best food, the best educations, the best health facilities, access to the best in nature and culture, the best professionals, and on and on. Resources are limited, and great wealth greatly limits access to resources for most people.
It appears to me that OWS has a progressive moral vision and view of democracy, and that what it is protesting is the disastrous effects that have come from operating with a conservative moral, economic, and political worldview. I see OWS as primarily a moral movement, seeking economic and political changes to carry out that moral movement - whatever those particular changes might be.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wake up! No more politics as usual! 3

Wake up, America! Seize the day!

Could our many different problems - unemployment and underemployment, housing foreclosures, high health care costs and the lack of coverage, the concentration of wealth, gridlock in DC and the over-concentration of Federal power, energy – be addressed by a shift in the way we think, feel and behave?

Aren’t all our problems really interconnected and interdependent anyhow?

Remember what Pogo said? “We have met the enemy and they is us.”

Could more cooperation, compassion, and less conflict, hate and blame begin to move us forward?

What wonders could we accomplish if we came together as Americans first, and partisan party members, second?

Wake up, America! Seize the day!

Stop business as usual!

Stop conflict, hate, and blame.

Shift from that negative stuff to the positive stuff of cooperation and compassion.

The competitive, adversarial way we're doing things prevents our getting a clear unified vision, prevents our coming from the necessary cooperative compassionate perspective that will produce the solutions we need.

Let’s come together, and from that new and different place, gain the perspective that will enable us, not only how to see how to solve our problems, but how to turn them into opportunities.

Wake up, America! Seize the day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Projection Makes Percepton

Since all thinking produces form at some level, what we think within will be projected and perceived without: projection makes perception. What our eyes see is the fulfillment of what our minds wish them to see. Perception seems to teach you what you see. Yet it but witnesses to what you taught. Perception is the outward picture of a wish; an image that you wanted to be true.

The world is nothing in itself. My mind must give it all the meaning it has for me. What I behold upon it are my wishes acted out so I can look at them and think them real.

Under the ego’s influence, no matter whether I experience pain or pleasure, as I identify with ego and not mySelf, my wishes are to prove, one, that the separation is true and that my individual identity truly exists; and, two, that I am an innocent victim of what the world has done to me, beginning with my creation at birth. This allows me to have the ego’s two fold wish, the cake of separation and to eat it, too, because I am innocent and someone or something else is guilty.

The film in the projector determines, the movie I will see. If I load a horror story, I see that; a love story, I see that. But because of the ego’s illusion, I, we, forget we’ve chosen the film and loaded the projector and instead think what we’re seeing on the screen just happened and had nothing to do with what we’ve done.

The forms of this illusory world do not matter. It is only the mind’s decision for the content of guilt or forgiveness that is important, reflecting our decision maker’s hidden wish for ego or spirit. If we are mindful, we learn not to trust our perceptions and see them for what they are: a means to direct our attention from what matters within, to what doesn’t matter without. Perception’s purpose is to obscure the decision making mind that alone can chose the thoughts that constitute our perceived reality.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wake up! No more politics as usual! 2

Wake up! No more politics as usual!
It’s just not working!
Haven’t we had enough gridlock, hate, fear and blaming?

We’re bleeding to death.
We’ve got to stop the hemorrhaging of jobs, infrastructure, education, ideals and the American Dream.

Would cooperation, love and compassion work better?
We’ve done the hate, fear and blaming and it’s brought us to where we are.

No more politics as usual!
Could cooperation, love and compassion get us to where we want to go,
stop the hemorrhaging of jobs, infrastructure, education, ideals and the American Dream?

What if we worked together as Americans first, and party members second?

What if we moved on, past all the bullshit to what really matters, healing our wounds and doing the great things we are still capable of?

Our so-called ‘problems’ are not insoluble, they can be resolved, but not the way we’ve been approaching them, not the way we’ve been thinking about them, and behaving. We’ve got to try something different. If we always do what we always did, we’ll always get what we always got. Haven’t we had enough, hate, fear and blaming? Can’t we try love, compassion and cooperation?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wake up! No more politics as usual!

Wake up!
Follow the money!
Who’s winning and who’s loosing?
Are you, your community and the nation better off?
Who’s winning and who’s losing?
There are more millionaires in Congress than ever before.
Corporations are making greater profits than ever before.
Who’s winning and who’s losing?
The prices of everything are up – health care, insurance, food.
Who’s winning and who’s losing?

How do we get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want?
It’s not about ideology.
It’s not about party partisan politics.
It’s about fairness.
Fairness for the great majority of us.
Fairness that…..

How do we get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want?
First, we stop doing what we’ve been doing and try something different.
The hate, fear and blaming have gotten us where we are.
Should we do more of that?
Haven’t we had enough hate, fear and blaming?
What if we tried love, compassion and cooperation?
What if we worked together as Americans first, and party members second?

It’s like a boomerang. What we put out is what comes back to us.
Put out hate, fear and blaming and we get back hate, fear and blaming.
So why not try love, compassion and cooperation? Isn’t that what we all really want?

Our so-called ‘problems’ are not insoluble, they can be resolved, but not the way we’ve been approaching them, not the way we’ve been thinking about them, and behaving. We’ve got to try something different. If we always do what we always did, we’ll always get what we always got. Haven’t we had enough, hate, fear and blaming? Can’t we try love, compassion and cooperation?

Of course we can! Unfortunately the ‘winners’ of today, those benefiting from the slow, agonizing decline of everything from our retirement benefits and bank accounts to our ideals, want things to continue as they are. In spite of what ‘they’ say, they benefit from the hate, fear and blaming and want it to continue. Look around you. Perhaps, even look in the mirror. Ask yourself, ‘haven’t I had enough of all the hate, fear and blaming? Am I ready to give love, compassion and cooperation a chance?’

One of the best definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How insane have we as a nation and as individuals become? How much crazier will we get? How’s it working for you? How well will it work for your children and your children’s children?

Our so-called ‘problems’ are not insoluble, they can be resolved, but not the way we’ve been approaching them, not the way we’ve been thinking about them, and behaving. Einstein said, ‘you can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it in the first place.’ Let’s try a higher level of thinking – love, compassion and cooperation, instead of hate, fear and blame.

Let’s do it in spite of our so-called leaders and elected officials. Let’s do it because they won’t; and if we don’t do it, nobody will. Let’s do it because it’s right and feels good, and will work.

Wake up!
Follow the money!
Who’s winning and who’s loosing?
We can get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want if we do things differently and use love, compassion and cooperation, instead of hate, fear and blame.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Forgiving, 3

Forgiveness works both ways, too. When I forgive, I am forgiven. All of us share the exact same need for what forgiveness brings: freedom from the ego and the realization of our reality as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. Of course, the forgiveness we’re talking about is not the, ‘bring the guilty bastard in so I can forgive him’ kind. It’s the realization of our common needs and our desire to serve them. It’s the realization that what I am seeing now – the guilt, hate, anger and fear, conceal my soul mate from me, the very person or thing that can bring the benefits of true forgiveness to me.

With this kind of forgiveness, I don’t do anything different with my eyes, and don’t deny what they see. I do something different with my mind. I now have the willingness to say I’ve been mistaken in how I’ve been seeing and relating – the blame, grudges and anger, and I now want to see things differently, without all that negative baggage; to learn from mySelf, from spirit, not from myself, the ego.

It’s not the other person’s body that has the power to forgive; another’s body has no more power than mine. It’s the Self we share, the one mind, that has the power and when I forgive truly, I acknowledge that whom and what I forgive are not what they seem or the only reality there is, but share a greater reality, a single Self, beyond the puny individual selves the ego allows us to perceive.

When I forgive truly, I understand that our bodies are like costumes, seeking to hide the reality of spirit that is within everyone and everything. I realize that we all do the same things for the same reasons, and really want love, peace, acceptance, inclusion and joy above all else. Forgiveness is our safe escape from anger, fear and all that we don’t want, and our gateway to love, joy and all that we do want. Be mindful, and the moment you are tempted to judge, hold a grudge, hate, exclude, punish and be angry, forgive both yourself and the other.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forgiving, 2

Of course, it’s difficult to make a choice if you don’t know another choice is available. If I think the ego’s illusory world is all there is - is the ‘real’ world, as in ‘get real’ and quit all this airy fairy metaphysical stuff, then I don’t have a choice, because I’m already dealing with all the reality there is.

But, if on the other hand, you sense you are part of something greater than yourself…. So in order to choose spirit instead of ego, first, I’ve got to believe spirit is a real choice. Second, I’ve got to believe spirit is the best choice. And third, I’ve got to believe I can actually choose spirit, that it’s possible to get there from here, that I don’t have to sacrifice anything or become a nun, monk, or weirdo to do it.

That’s where forgiveness comes in. When someone makes a mistake, you forgive them, right? Thinking the ego’s illusory world is all the reality there is, and that we have separated from God, is a mistake to be forgiven, not a sin. Identifying with the ego instead of spirit is a choice that our decision maker has made, in our minds. It is a mistaken choice. Spirit is still there, where it’s always been, in our minds, waiting for us to choose It.

Being mindful as I go thru my day and paying attention to how I perceive myself, others and the world, provides an opportunity for forgiveness - to correct my mistake, choose again, and tells me which teacher I’ve chosen, ego or spirit. If I find myself becoming bored, depressed or critical of others, it is because I’ve identified with ego, and chose to see myself at hateful and selfish, first. I see the world as I see myself. Instead of feeling guilty about this, which is ‘normal’ in the ego illusion, I need to forgive myself.

But I don’t. Rather than forgiving myself and accepting responsibility for that choice, I project it out and see the hate in someone or something else. I need not continue to do that. I can choose a different teacher, spirit, and choose to perceive myself, others, and the world differently.

Being mindful and understanding that I see the world as I see myself, alerts me to the fact that my ego reactions can be reminders that I made the wrong choice. Perceiving the pain, anger, fear, or even the fun and excitement this way, allows me to return to my mind where my decision maker made the mistake, forgive myself, because it was only a mistake, not a sin, and choose again. Thus, no matter what, it is never the other person or thing I forgive, but myself for making the wrong choice.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The metaphysics I’ve been working with and sharing with you, say that only the non-specific, formless love that comes from identifying with our own formless love, the oneness we share with spirit, is real. Everything else is illusion.
Identifying with our own formless love, and the oneness we share with spirit means we don’t deny our bodies or experience, tho they are form and are specific, but realize instead, that everyone and everything tho appearing to be part of the ego’s illusion, is actually neutral, and can be used by spirit or the ego. It’s our choice.

Used by spirit, everyone and everything can reveal and reflect the reality of the formless, non-specific love and oneness we share with spirit. Used by ego, everyone and everything serves to make our separation from spirit and our sense of form and specifics real(er). It’s our choice.

Spirit is formless, the space between the thoughts, because thoughts, being specific tho ethereal in form, not only deny our formless, non-specific reality, they add to it. “All thinking produces form on some level.”

Again, no sense feeling guilty about thinking, form and specifics, it’s reality in the ego world. What we can do however instead of feeling guilty is to forgive everyone and everything. After all, knowing that the world is an illusion, how can we justify making meaningful distinctions here? In truth, everyone and everything is part of the one life, as am I. Forgiving everyone and everything, no matter what [which is extremely hard to do from the ego perspective], says, nothing else is true but the one life everyone and everything shares. Forgiving looks beyond form to the essence that everyone and everything shares.

Forgiving is a choice. What possible difference can there possibly be in seeing differences between what is equally unreal? Our attitude, forgiving or not, toward the forms we perceive, toward everyone and everything, hastens or retards our awakening, our journey home to the life that is our source. Chose to forgive and moveon, don’t forgive and remain in the illusion.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lucid Dreaming, 2

A lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932).[1] In a lucid dream, the dreamer can actively participate in and manipulate imaginary experiences in the dream environment.[2] Lucid dreams can seem real and vivid.[3] Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established.

The Course in Miracles, suggests that what we take to be real life, is in truth a lucid dream; that in reality we are at home with God, dreaming we are here. The miracle the Course teaches does not awaken us, but merely shows who the dreamer is. If it’s a ‘bad’ dream filled with terror, guilt, blame, and horror, focusing on specifics and our reality as bodies, we dream with the ego. If it’s a ‘good’ dream filled with peace, harmony, cooperation, and love, focusing on timeless transcendance, we dream with spirit.

The Course’s purpose is to move us towards awakening and show we have a choice of dreams while we still sleep. It is our choice. Who are we dreaming with and what is the dream’s purpose? Is the purpose love, inclusion, oneness and wholeness, or exclusion, hate, fear, blame, punishment and judgment? It’s our choice. For mySelf, I want to know that the reality of spirit surrounds me with love and friendship. I let it radite in my envioronment, bless everything I touch, make whole that which is weak, turn fear into faith, and accomplish the miracle of healing through love.

I am welcoming the opportunity to love fully, completely and joyfully inherent in every seeming ‘bad’ feeling, situation, or person. [This brings to mind the injunction to be careful for what I ask for.] I am believing in mySelf, because I believe in the reality of spirit and my oneness with It. I chose to dream a lucid dream with spirit, not ego, accepting life fully, completely, and without reservation, holding to the conviction that good is the eternal reality and that God is the everlasting, everpresent, and enfolding presence that guides and sustains me. What dream will you choose; what purpose will it serve and who will you dream it with?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Emply Space

Knowing people and events as God knows them – a wonderful, liberating experience – is only possible when I interpret myself, people and events as God would – without judgment, with love, and without the ego’s interpretation of myself, people and events. The ego makes bodies and specifics to keep us busy in its illusory world and to keep us unable to see that world differently, with spirit, instead of ego.

Unlike guilt and fear, which are of the ego and must be projected as specifics in the ego’s illusory world, from the mind that thinks it is a body in that illusory world, love does not have to be projected. Love being true, completely abstract and beyond all specifics, simply is and we remember its abstract being as we make room for it through forgiveness – letting go of the investment in the specifics of our ego lives. This doesn’t mean we deny we’re in the world, but reduce our investment in being here and take it less seriously.

“An empty space not seen as filled, an unused interval of time not seen as spent and fully occupied, become silent invitations to the truth to enter, and to make itself at home. For what you, as an ego, leave vacant God, your true Self and reality, will fill. There are no symbols – words and other specifics – for this, for nothing points (which is what symbols do – point) beyond the truth, for what can stand for more than everything? There is no symbol for totality.

“Reality is ultimately known without a form, un-pictured and unseen. Habits and rituals vanish, symbols fade, and nothing that the eyes have ever seen nor ears have heard remains to be perceived. A power wholly limitless has come, not to destroy, but to receive its own. Give welcome to the power beyond the ego’s illusory world of symbols and limitations. As It merely is, so we, merely are.”

There is nothing to prove and nothing to do, but be one with It and allow our oneness to manifest. That is the purpose of an empty space not seen as filled, an unused interval of time not seen as spent and fully occupied; to silently invite the truth to enter, and to make itself at home…..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seeds, 3

I’m most mindful and aware of the seeds I’ve planted and am nurturing at the extremes of my experience in the ego illusion, either very good and enjoyable or very bad and painful. At the ‘good’ points I try to be grateful and to remember the enjoyment is but a reflection of spirit in the world and at the ‘bad, painful’ points I try and remember that negation may be an experience and a fact here in the ego’s illusory world, but it can never be an ultimate truth.

Spirit is all there is, our only reality. Spirit is only good: love, peace, joy, compassion and inclusion. We are spiritual beings dreaming we are having an earthly experience. Everything else is seeming real, illusions created by the ego to keep us believing we are separate from our spiritual Selves. At some point, more often the more we practice mindfulness, we will realize this.

Awakening to my reality as spirit, I can then refuse to contemplate evil as an actual power, knowing that it will dissolve in the light of love – my experience of oneness with spirit. I know that hate cannot exist where love is recognized. I turn the light of love on everything I experience, allowing the light to dissolve every dark and dreary image of sin and evil. Love makes the way clear before me and I am guided into an ever-widening experience of living. Every person I meet and every event I experience partakes of this love and the givingness of spirit. It is this love and givingness that I meet in every person and event, experience as ‘good’, and am mindful of and grateful for. In this light of love, I can know people and events as God knows them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seeds, 2

The power of a seed is awesome! Think of a weed, an apple or malaluca tree, or cancer, or hope or of any living event that emerges from within itself. It is the degree to which it obeys its inner commitment to unfold a certain pattern that enables it to overcome all of the resistance and the obstacles in the environment, and to demonstrate itself as a manifestation of the energy of life. What seeds are we nurturing within us right now? The seeds of peace, love and compassion, or the seeds of hate, fear, blame and exclusion?

Look around at your life, by the fruits you shall know what seeds you have planted. We are the gardeners, the planters, the decision makers (in spite of Bush’s claim to that title). What we grow and nurture is our choice. The power is there, inherent in the seeds, ready to spring forth, it is our choice what seeds we plant, what to grow and nurture; not God’s, government’s, or our parent’s.

The life force of spirit – love, peace, joy, compassion and inclusion - is within us, seeking, even demanding to grow and thrive and be more. Will we heed it? Will we get our bloated illusory ego nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits? Or will we insist that our tiny, fearful ego consciousness is all there is and knows better? We waste time, energy and life resisting the seeds of spirit within us. Let the seeds of the unexpected talents and treasures spirit planted within blossom. Be mindful of what you’re nurturing and choose what is actually the easier path and allow the potent force of spirit to carry you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Like a Star....

Here are some re-assuring ideas from the Course. “Even though we have left love [our real and natural connection with spirit, for the ego’s illusion], love has not left us…. Whom God has joined as one, the ego cannot put asunder…. The thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky. So high in Heaven is it set that those outside of Heaven know not it is there. Yet still and white and lovely will it shine through all eternity. There was no time it was not there; no instant when its light grew dimmer or less perfect (than) ever was.

“Who knows (spirit) knows this light, for It is the eternal sky that holds it safe, forever lifted up and anchored sure. Its perfect purity does not depend on whether it is seen on earth or not….”

“Let us be glad we can walk the world, and find so many chances to perceive another situation where (spirit’s) gift can once again be recognized as ours! Thus will all vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates be gone. And all the loveliness which they concealed appear, to lift us high above the thorny roads we traveled before…

“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter [that you are in the learning laboratory, with another opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to be free of judgment and guilt]. As you see this person you will see yourself. In this person you will find yourSelf or lose yourSelf.”

You are not a stranger to yourSelf, nor has yourSelf made you a stranger. The thought God holds of you is like a star….