Thursday, February 28, 2013


In yesterday’s post, I used the word ‘merely’. Merely implies only, simply, just – a kind of effortlessness. But the ‘merely’ involved in undoing the ego and giving over to spirit is not effortless when I’m myself and identified with ego. Yes, I have only, simply, just and merely to give myself to mySelf. But to myself, this entails a great risk and even sacrifice. When ‘merely’ giving myself to mySelf, I need to expect resistance and remember to be compassionate with myself.


The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. As Lee Lipscomb Hanahan wrote in the February issue of Science of Mind magazine:  “Continuous surrender is required and our culture is basically anti-surrender. We miss the monumental strength and courage it requires. To trust, most especially that which we can [barely] experience with the five sense, is to risk. We put ourselves on the line. We open ourselves to hurt and shame and loss. Who wants all that vulnerability? Only those who need it [and we all need it]. Surrender is such a relief!


“I cannot have a compassionate heart toward others until I have one toward myself. I know I [the ego] am not in charge. What a release that truth is! I just [merely] have to lift the second foot off the bottom of the pool and float, giving in to The Benevolent. When I do that, I can walk in compassion. I can be compassionate with myself and with you,” and give myself to mySelf.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


MySelf always knows what’s best. Spirit plans for my safety and joy better than I can. I can know this anytime I choose. I need be neither careful nor careless. I simply need to cast my cares upon Spirit and receive Its guidance. I merely have to undo the blocks to the love that is my natural inheritance as spirit, and return to God the mind It gave me. Whenever I am not wholly joyous, it is because I have forgotten my Identity and reacted with lack of love. This is not a sin, simply a mistake, and mistakes can be undone.


The first step in the undoing is to recognize that I have made a mistake and decided incorrectly – that I’m not being punished nor is the world or anyone else against me – tho it seems that way, I simply identified with my ego self instead of my God Self. I decided. I take responsibility. I can decide differently, now. My part is to return my thinking to the point where the error was made, and give it over to my God Self.


Here are some steps, some spiritual technology, for undoing:

  • I must have decided incorrectly, because I am not at peace
  • I made the decision, but I can decide otherwise
  • I want to decide otherwise, because I want to be at peace
  • I do not feel guilty, I made a mistake, not a sin
  • Now I give it over and joyously receive the guidance I need.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Identity Game

When my hernia acts up, which it did a little while ago, or I can’t figure out how to do a screen print or get the dogs to stop barking, it’s clear that I’m identifying with myself, instead of mySelf. The hernia will stop hurting, the dogs will stop barking and I will know how to do a screen print, as soon as I’m ready to turn it all over to mySelf and experience it all differently.


The more my ego yells and throws a tantrum like an infant demanding its bottle – I want it! I want it now, now! I need it - the less I’m able to let go. I am literally holding those conditions in place by looking at them the way I do. If I want the conditions to be different, I’ve got to be different. Having to have whatever it is now, is like saying, I of myself can make a better plan for my safety and joy than mySelf can make. MySelf has given me these conditions, not as punishment, but as feedback, feedback about who and what I’ve been identifying with – ego – so that I can choose to identify differently, with spirit, with mySelf.


Letting go and giving it all over to spirit, I can see things differently and know what to do. So I gave it over and talked with a physician about next steps for the hernia; realized if I lowered the shade the dogs wouldn’t see out and bark as much and called my computer guy for help with the screen print.


God is my Self. It is who I am. The truth of my identity. I am part of It and It is part of me. It is the very principle of being and becoming. It is the creator, and that which It creates – the process by which the creative impulse become the created thing. It is always there, always on, always responsive. If I identify with It, I get experiences of It – peace, joy, optimism. If I identify with ego, I get experiences of ego – hernia, barking dogs, frustration and fear.  Spirituality is about becoming aware of how It works and what I am creating with It – hernia pain or hernia relief; sleeping dogs or barking dogs. Different spiritual paths are simply different methods of becoming aware.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I Already Have A Moses

Yesterday, Dorothy White responded to my post on minority control saying that one of the best ways to help people see things differently is one-on-one. I agree whole heartedly. Mass media and collective action are influential, too. But usually those reinforce beliefs and opinions people already hold. But often – and this is true of the media, too – people are unable to hear something that’s been there all along until they hear it said the way only one of us knows how to say it. Each of us matters…more than we know. Never before has the universe happened just the way I am or you are.


There’s an old Hassidic tale of a man named Zoysa who wanted to be just like Moses. All day, every day, before he did anything he asked himself, ‘what would Moses do?’ and tried to do that. Then one night, he had a dream in which God asked him: ‘I already have a Moses, so why aren’t you Zoysa?’

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Minority Control

As I wrote about the T Party and Republican obstructionism yesterday, I felt a little guilty. After all, here I am a metaphysician wanting to practice forgiveness, inclusiveness and cooperation, ranting about my brothers and sisters. We are better together. I know that. I know about how gerrymandering creates safe rightist districts which in turn creates the fear of being primaried. I also know how good it feels to operate from a place of fearlessness and inner guidance and this frustrates me.


I want so much for my T Party and Republican brothers and sisters to know this too. I want so much for them to rise above their fear-based ideology and get in touch with the humanity they share with the rest of us and see how much their ideological ‘purity’ creates and adds to the present pain, discomfort, and discontinuity so many of their fellow human beings are experiencing - that they need not experience. 

What’s going on now, need not be, it’s self inflicted. We ARE better together. Can’t we ALL understand that and work together to reduce our present difficulties?  Yes, we can.  Will we? Well that seems to be up to a handful of ideologues, approximately 30 of them in the US House of Representatives and 20 in the US Senate. Fifty people impacting the lives of hundreds of millions here and around the world…. Wow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Consequences

Yesterday the guy who delivers The Herald drove by but didn’t give me and most of the people on my block a paper. Today he delivered two papers: yesterday’s and today’s. He wrote a note on the wrapper of yesterday’s saying he was sure he delivered it, that I got him in trouble with his supervisor when I called in the failure to perform, and he has to pay $5. for each complaint. Too bad. There needs to be consequences for non-performance. Too bad there are no consequences for Congressional non-performance!


We are once again embroiled in a self-inflicted ‘crisis’ created, managed and performed by the Republicans in Congress, a ‘crisis’ with no apparent downside consequences for them. While large majorities of Americans and even some T Party and Republicans want the Congress to operate smoothly and without crisis, that doesn’t count and somehow the obstructionists in Congress are collecting rewards for not doing their job greater than the punishments that can be meted out to them.


Who are the T Party and Republican Congressmen really working for? Who are their real constituents, the people who can reward and punish them? Not the majority of Americans in their districts. Obviously there are no negative consequences for being obstructionist. Obviously T Party and Republican Congressmen are being rewarded for pleasing their real constituents, whoever they are. Too bad those of us who disapprove of obstructionism and imagine ourselves to be their constituents can’t punish them as much as their real constituents can reward them.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spiritual Technology

I’ve noticed that when I give an idea away I don’t lessen it. Have you noticed that? Unlike a physical object which when I give it away is gone, when I give an idea away I actually strengthen it. All of the idea is still mine, although all of it has been given away. In fact if the person I give the idea to accepts it as theirs, it reinforces the idea in me and thus increases it. Have you noticed this? Does it happen to you, too?


This is the basis of spiritual technology. If everything that we humans do begins as an idea, begins in the invisible, intangible non-physical world—the spiritual world, then working in that world first, working with ideas first is the most effective and efficient way to accomplish anything. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Going to the source, the cause, and working there has got to be better, more effective and efficient than working with the effects.


This way of being and doing is a no-brainer in everyday life. If the movie is out of focus, I don’t go up to the screen to fix it. I get an usher and ask her to call the projection booth. We can do the same with the bigger things in life: climate change, budget deficits, gun safety. What are the ideas that make these things concerns? Let’s identify the kind of beliefs, thinking and ideas that hold these things in place and keep us from cooperating and change the ideas first, then pass legislation if any is needed. Let’s work from the inside-out.


Spiritual technology such as mindfulness, meditation and affirmative prayer—the kind of technology that allowed Jesus to perform miracles, allows me to do this. When I take responsibility for my own thinking, beliefs and ideas and determine how well they’re working for me and others—are they creating fear, hate and blame, or love, compassion and inclusion – I can decide which ideas I want to represent and see manifest in the world. Working from cause to effect, from idea to result, from the invisible to the visible, from spirit to matter is what spiritual technology is all about.

Monday, February 18, 2013

House of Cards

This morning because it was too cold out (48 is too cold for this Florida boy), I was doing my Tai Chi in the living room as my wife did her morning exercise. We got to talking about the Kevin Spacey show, House of Cards, only on Netflix, about a majority whip in Congress, which we both enjoy immensely. Spacey’s character is a composite of Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell, egocentric, power driven and only occasionally interested in what’s good for his district or the nation. My wife and I are both political junkies and follow politics closely. The show lays bare the machinations, motivations and deals that lead to legislation and its passage – none of which has much to do with what’s good for the people or nation.


We were bemoaning this reality and observed that it had always been thus back to the Romans. Rich powerful special interests concerned only with themselves and not the nation or its people, have always dominated. Our current disappointment with this ‘natural’ state of affairs is that we thought we’d moved a little beyond it, that in America at least the poorer, less powerful classes had a chance to better themselves. Clearly this is no longer true, tho it was true once. The less powerful poorer classes are losing ground in America as is the nation as a whole. We used to be #1 in nearly all the quality of life indicators, now we’re not.


Why? Has the USA declined? Are we degenerate? Is God punishing us? Too much sex, gay rights and women’s equality? I think not. It is not so much that we have declined as that the rest of the world has gotten better and caught up with us. This coupled with our refusal to innovate, especially in the realms of spiritual technology, and our refusal to let go of outmoded traditions like the filibuster and subsidies to big agra-businesses and energy extractive businesses is holding us back.


After WWII, when the world was devastated and laid waste, and we were the only power, our shit didn’t stink. We had no competition so our inefficiencies and outmoded traditions – our shit - didn’t matter. But as the world has caught up – thanks in large part to our aid and efforts, our shit—our inappropriate inefficient ways of thinking, doing and being, has begun to stink.


This need not be. Don’t shit where you live is still good advice. Churchill said the people get the government they deserve. If we want to see a better, more effective efficient government, more in line with our ideals, then WE have to change and demand it. We’ve got to see our shit for what it is – shit – and manage it better.  We’ve got to seek the Kingdom first, use the spiritual technology that has always been available to us and work with the complex interconnections that characterize contemporary real life and use our best to build a world that works for everyone. Realizing that if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got, we’ve got to stop doing what we always did and clean up our mess, turn away from it and be more about what we want to be about - our ideals.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Great Example NOT The Great Excetion

What if the Jew Jesus was not what he’s been made out to be—the Great Exception, the only ‘son’ of God, but the Great Example—the model the rest of us who are also the children of God, are meant to follow?  What if he came, not to die, but to be resurrected, to model a healthy beautiful life, not a fierce and horrible death? What if we’ve had it wrong all this time?  What if the good news the rabbi came to share was that we all have the same spiritual technology available to us that he used? Didn’t he say, “greater things than this shall you do also,”?


What if he was 2,000 years ahead of his time and the primitive culture he was born into couldn’t fully understand nor grasp the technology he used? Not that we’re so much better. Even now, as our scientific knowledge of the brain thru scanning and chemistry and our awareness the body-mind connection show that Jesus was right about ‘seeking the kingdom of heaven within’ first - that we feel better and do better when we come from that place, most people still seek outside themselves first. But hey, what can you expect from people who still don’t believe in global climate change or that women have the right to choose…?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Less History = Better Results

Here’s something I’ve noticed; perhaps you have, too. The more time I spend in the open, with few expectations, requirements and judgments, the more I get what I really want and need.


When I have little history and am open to knowing that whatever happens, from cancer to a flat tire, can be for my growth and benefit, whatever happens is for my growth and benefit. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. When I get my bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits, the divine circuits deliver results far beyond what my puny ego could even conceive of, much less deliver.


Haven’t you noticed this, too? Cool, ingenious, elegant solutions that come effortlessly, miraculously, that benefit all concerned and harm no one, always seem to come when I downplay, let go of my history and turn my aspirations over to Spirit.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clean Slates, Fresh Starts, New Beginnings and No History

Here’s an interesting thought: history would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the present.


Hmmm…. Gives me pause. Very profound, but I’m not sure what to do with it.


History would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the present. 


What that means to me is that if I live from the inside-out, in the now, there would be no history. It would be all new beginnings, clean slates, fresh starts.  No baggage, no shame, guilt, anger and judgment to drag around.  Would that be great?!


If I had no shame, guilt, anger and judgment – inner ways of being, the ‘same errors’, I’d have no history.


The inner errors occur first; I feel shame, guilt, anger and judgment then seek an explanation for those feelings projecting them onto my body, parents, the weather, teachers, and others who are not like me. This projection creates a history. If I allowed the inner feelings to just be and dissipate on their own – they came on their own, they can go on their own – instead of seeking an explanation and projecting them out, I wouldn’t repeat them in the present and would have no history. It would be all new beginnings, clean slates, fresh starts.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell - Betheena

This is the last excerpt. If you would like to reserve your copy of The Covenant and the Scrolls, please let me know. Thank you!

First, they had bathed her.  Temple maidens only a few years older than herself, naked but for jeweled loin clothes that barely hid their clean shaven genitals and slid suggestively into the clefts of their buttocks, disrobed her and led her to a pool of steaming water.  Betheena had never seen such large quantities of hot water before. She dipped a toe in and drew back.  The three girls waiting upon her tittered.  One of them, a lithe red-head who she would come to know as Melka, took Betheena’s hand and led her into the water.

Betheena had never, ever felt anything as satisfying as being in that pool.  The girls stood away from the pool with their backs to Betheena as she acclimated herself.  Betheena had not had an opportunity to study a naked person before and her eyes roamed hungrily over the flowing, full curves the teenage temple maidens.  Do I look like that? She wondered.

Melka turned, bent to pick up a sponge and came to sit beside Betheena in the water.  Looking deeply into Betheena’s eyes, Melka gently rubbed first Betheena’s hands, then arms with the sponge.  Betheena’s heart raced and she felt her abdomen and genital areas turn to liquid.  She groaned and closed her eyes, giving herself up to the other girl’s ministrations.

After the bath, they gave Betheena a jeweled loin cloth like theirs and led her into the presence of the Goddess.  Already in an altered state of sensual over-load, when Betheena smelled the hypnotic incense, and saw the bejeweled larger than life idol before her in the dimly lit sanctuary, she fainted - flopped to the floor.  When she awoke, it was to a vision of the bare backs and buttocks of her sister temple maidens as they prostrated themselves before the Goddess.  In a few moments, when her head cleared, Betheena joined them, prostrating herself as they did, in deep gratitude to the One who had granted her this blessing.

After a time, as Betheena’s heart ceased its racing, Melka came and led her to a dimly lit alcove with a divan and a smoking brazier from which floated the same hypnotic incense.  They sat on the floor.

“You are of royal blood, Betheena,” Melka said.  “A princess of Canaan.  It is your duty to serve Astarte, Goddess of Fertility.  The welfare of our people depends upon the Goddess’ favor.  If She finds favor in your service to Her, She will bless us with a good harvest and many children.  Do you understand?”  Betheena nodded.  “You will now dedicate yourself to Her service.  From this day forth and for the rest of your life, you will come here, to Her temple for one month each year and offer your body.  You are Her slave, Betheena, Her willing and obedient slave.  Do you understand?” 

“I am Her slave,” Betheena said dreamily and sensually, her body tingling and undulating slightly.

“Yes.” Melka stroked Betheena’s cheek, longing to take the comely virgin for herself.  “Her slave.”  She stood and reached out her hands to Betheena and when she grasped them, pulled the new temple slave to her feet.  “You will sit on this divan and wait, breathing in the incense of service, with every breath, reminding yourself that you are only a slave, here to serve whoever comes and commands you in the Goddess’ name.  Do you understand?” 

“I hear and obey,” Betheena said dreamily.

“Good, my little slave girl.  I am pleased!”

Betheena’s heart raced with joy.

“You will give yourself fully to what is asked of you,” Melka said.  “Trust the Goddess.  She will guide you.  Trust your body; your senses and feelings will guide you.  Let your mind be asleep.”  She caressed Betheena’s budding breast.  Betheena moaned.  Melka bent and kissed her nipple.  Betheena moaned from the center of her being.  Oh, what sacred sweetness, Melka thought.  Surely initiating this girl could not be a sin?

“This is love, Betheena,” Melka whispered in the child’s ear; “sacred love.  This is how you and I shall serve Astarte.  This: what we are feeling now is how we are meant to feel and how She wants us to worship Her.  You shall never know a greater, more fulfilling love, Betheena.  You are mine in the Goddess’ name!”



Friday, February 8, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell - Betheena

From page 22, Betheena, the mother of the Canaanite general Sisera who fights Devorah is introduced.

If you would like to reserve your copy of the Covenant and the Scrolls, please like this post.

In her royal suite, three stories above the Temple of Astarte in Hazor, Sisera’s mother, Betheena, peered through the palm wood lattice screening the solarium window. She longed for her son’s return, with a lover’s longing. And once again the pangs of that deep emotion bothered her. Such feelings from a mother for her son were not seemly. She had never acted on them; never even hinted at them. But ever since Sisera’s father had been killed by the Haibrus seven years ago, and Sisera had accepted the role of protector of the house, Betheena, had felt a new, deeper, almost sexual (she blushed at the admission) feeling for her valiant son.
When, two years ago, Sisera, then twenty eight had been elevated by King Jabin to command first the palace guard and then the corps of chariots, Betheena had felt her longing become tinged with worry and concern that sometimes bordered on pain. Sisera’s duties required him to be away from Hazor often, and though she was forty-four, with a comely body and the vigor of youth, Betheena kept to herself and was lonely without her son.
It need not have been that way, for Betheena was a princess of royal blood, being Jabin’s half sister, they had the same mother, also of royal blood. Perhaps the longing was in her blood, a thing passed down through the generations. Something she must simply learn to bear, a dull ache that was always present, sometimes stronger than others. Yet it did seem as if there had been a time, when she was twelve, before she’d spent her first month in the Temple of Astarte, when the ache had not been with her.
Even royal maidens offered themselves as sacred prostitutes, though they lived and served in the Temple’s inner-most courtyard, the one reserved for the great leaders of the nation.
Betheena saw a cloud of dust on the horizon, between the city’s twin guardian peaks. Sisera! Her heart leapt. Gently, she said to herself, it may not be he. Yes, gently. She studied the cloud for a moment. Her vantage point on the third floor gave her a good view. It was not a large cloud; probably not chariots, perhaps one or two riders on horseback or a small column of men on foot.
The sounds of the city drifted up to her and Betheena looked down. Across the street immediately below her were the King’s granaries. A small group of functionaries were talking over a donkey laden with sacks of grain. Tomorrow, when the grain was distributed the noise would be deafening. Behind the granaries, was the slave market, with its stalls, and pens and platforms for showings. Some few merchants were walking their human property around the stalls, exercising them. Once a week, in two days time, the market overflowed with the color, noise and spectacle of the very rich in their finest regalia, buying the very poor in rags. To the left were the public wells from which most of the noise came.
Betheena looked up. The dust cloud was dissipating. She could not see the great gate from her position, but if it were Sisera, she would hear his horse’s hooves on the street stones in a moment.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell

A Note from the Author


Devorah is a work of historical fiction, based on biblical, scholarly and archeological data. Some characters as well as names for places and things are made up to support the story and are not intended to be correct, accurate or factual. The relevant Old Testament portions are Judges, First Samuel and  Second Samuel.

One of my favorite references is Chronicles: News of the Past, Volume One, now out of print, which describes biblical events as a modern contemporary newspaper would. The book is actually printed on newsprint broad sheets to add authenticity.


The Bible tells us that 175 years after Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, there arose a woman, Devorah, a daughter of Ephraim, to be a Judge over her people, a prophetess and a righteous example unto them. The Bible also tells us of Devorah’s  husband, Lappodoth; Barak, the great Haibru general;  Sisera the Canaanite general; Yael the Kenite, slayer of Sisera; and of Sisera’s mother, Betheena.  The Bible touches only the high points of their lives. What follows is a more complete story.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Devorah: Book One of The Covenant and the Scrolls Novels

Chapter One

“Devorah!  Devorah!  It is time.”

The young woman turned from contemplating the blossoming olive trees to face the climber intruding upon her sacred space. So soon, she thought.  I would spend more time with You, Abba. 

 Dry wind lifted Devorah’s flowing black hair, spilling it across her forehead and into her large green eyes. Arising from the soft grassy place on the rock strewn hill, Devorah adjusted the robes billowing around her.  Lappodoth, the man violating her sanctuary, had only a few cubits before reaching her.  She sighed, warmth suffusing her chest, heart still aching with devotion. 

I am always with you, daughter. 

She nodded, and whispered, “I know.  I am deeply grateful!  I rely on you so….”       This place nourished and nurtured her; gave her strength.  It wasn’t the grassy knoll on the rock-strewn hill per se, it was the hill within her: a place of deep peace she carried everywhere she went.  And, if she chose - remembered she could choose - she was able to experience it anytime, anywhere.  Here on the hill, with the crystal blue sky and windswept, puffy white clouds, choice was unnecessary as she simply experienced that exhilarating contradictory sensation of empty fullness.  

Not vacant unconsciousness, oh, no, but a fully-aware alertness, sensitive to the potential in each moment.  In this place, she was without identity, not Devorah, not a woman, nor lover, nor Sar – a Judge over Israel, but just a being: a pure, effortless being and energy incarnate.  It was the place God dwelled; was God.  In this place, when she thought, felt and acted from this place, all was well.  Outside it, life was more difficult. “Thank You, thank You, thank You!’ she whispered.  Gratitude was cause, not effect.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Story the Bible Couldn't Tell


175 years after Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, Devorah, a prophet, became the first and only female Judge to rule ancient Israel.


Surrounded by pagan Canaanites practicing ritual sex and human sacrifice, Devorah must find ways to maintain the Hebrews’ belief in the One God and overcome the Canaanites’ overwhelming military supremacy.


Devorah walks a tightrope between her personal view of the One God as a present, loving force and the prevailing view of God as a distant, punishing power. She calls the fearsome God of the temple and formal worship, the God of the Scrolls; and the benign, loving and accessible God, the God of the Covenant.


Devorah’s story is the first in Steve Liebowitz’ soon to be released The Covenant and The Scrolls series of novels based on these conflicting views of God and its influence on the lives of Kings Saul, David, Solomon and other Old Testament characters.


Friday, February 1, 2013

The Millionaire and Inside-Out

I found an excellent, inspirational example of the inside-out first approach in a review of multimillionaire, teacher, publisher Marc Allen’s new book, The Magical Path—Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All.  For Allen, ‘magical’ means inner—intuitive and non-rational. He suggests that readers go first to the part of the book that “calls” to them. In his own life, the magic worked for Allen when he turned within. He says he’s inherently lazy and undisciplined. His favorite yoga posture was the corpse pose. When he was in his twenties, he couldn’t hold a job and was broke, out of shape, and miserable until his thirtieth birthday. On that day he got his bloated nothingness out of the way and wrote down where he wanted to be in five years.


He says there’s no pressure in this ‘magic,’ just the truth, which is that the truth is within you. “Magic is the mysterious process by which something is created out of apparently nothing. It is the process that has created this entire vast universe with you and me sitting in it and pondering these words at this moment.” The magical path is shorter because it involves powerful tools for Selfawareness such as mindfulness and meditation that can work quickly. It also involves failure. But since every successful person has had at least one, there’s no sense letting the fear of failure hold you back.


Go ahead! Dream your dream and use the powerful age-old tools of metaphysics - the technology of inside-out: affirmations, visualizations, prayers, mantras, mindfulness and meditation – to bring your dream to fruition. “When the worlds you create in your mind connect with your heart, you create what you love.”