Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beliefs, Part One

Beliefs – You’ll See It, When You Believe It
Do you ever wonder what you REALLY believe? Sure, you've got those sunny, optimistic aphorisms you chirp when you're feeling 'up', (not to mention the gloomy, self-flagellating mutterings you spew when you're feeling down!), but what do you REALLY belive?
Here's a sure-fire way to find out:
If you REALLY believe something is possible for you right now, it's already showing up somewhere in your world. In every area of your life, your results are the out-picturing of your inner beliefs, the illustration of your inner story.
Chances are your life is neither total crap nor complete bliss. This is because your true beliefs are neither all-limiting, nor all-empowering. This experiment will help you get a clear sense of which beliefs led to the creation of your current circumstances…
1. Pick one area of your life to focus on. Make careful note of the 'facts' of your situation in this area. What's showing up there? Example - Work: How are sales? Your work relationships? What does your work area look like? How do you compare to others in your field? How satisfied are you? What trade-offs are you making?
2. Beliefs create experiences. For each observation you made in step one, complete the following sentence: 'I created this experience based on the belief(s)…'
a. I run the fastest-growing firm of its kind in the city. I created this experience based on the belief(s):
• I can run a firm well.
• Growth is possible in this economy.
• I enjoy competition.
b. I work 11+ hours per day and never sit down to eat. I created this experience based on the belief(s):
• If I slow down, I will lose the game.
• I have to do it if I want it done right.
• Success demands self-sacrifice.
3. Review your list of beliefs, checking to see which ones serve you and which ones don't. You can use the following questions as a guide...
a. Does the belief feel good as you read it?
b. Is this a belief you'd like your children, or all the children of the next generation, to be taught?
c. If you transferred this belief to another area of your life, would it create desirable results there?
4. Put a star next to the beliefs that you'd most like to upgrade or shift.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Think Tank, Part Five, Part Two

Identity - Who am I (us/we)? Am I a spiritual being having an earthly experience, or a body dreaming I have a soul – which rarely gets involved in my real, everyday life? Am I a butterfly dreaming I am human or…? Bottom line here, we want to commit to spiritual reality, unknown and mysterious as it is, as our fundamental ground of being. To me, at this point, this is an either/or. Our experience is both/and, lots of outer worldly and a little spiritual, but to the extent there’s any ‘Truth’ it’s that we’re spiritual first, now and last.

Unlearning – we have lot of unlearning to do, getting our bloated nothingnesses out of the way of the divine circuits. Big, exciting opportunity here! Resign as your own teacher, you’ve been badly taught.

Knowing - We have to let go of what we think we know; to open to the mystery, face the fear; to resign as out own teachers because we have been badly taught. There is that within that knows, the Big Self; if I let go of my Little Self, my ego, the Big Self will be all that is left, will shine thru as me.

Safety – much safety is needed; compassion, kindness and gentleness, to let go, open and surrender.

Nature – We are not separate from Nature, but a part of It. That’s why we feel so moved by It’s grandeur and other attributes, it awakens our awareness of that, those qualities, in us; It reminds us of who we really are, our Big Self, our potential. Of course, that can be depressing when we compare that to our typical everyday, cop-out life style, and of how we too often cut Nature and even God Itself, down to ego scale, the scale of our Little Selves.

Alchemy, transformation, expansion, boundless and boundary-less, omni-potent, omni-scient, omni-present; Quantum mechanics and black holes

Judgment – we can not do it; are literally unable to; judge not because it is bad and sinful, or because you, too, are a miserable sinner; but because judgment is always from the ego perspective and is only as valid as is the ego.

Ozzie & Harriet Effect – depressed and unmotivated by unrealistically high standards, not good enough, a failure, unsuccessful, because unlike the ideal, which was phony to begin with; unrealistic expectations; no expectations are neutral, a level playing field.

Gratitude – Creates openness, possibility, safety, optimism, accepting what is

Reality – What is, isn’t, and what isn’t is; Reality is what we say it is [projection makes perception]; consensus reality exemplified by the transition from flat earth to round earth views; Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – even when we know there is an alternative reality, that is not just an alternative, but actually Real, we hold on to the shadows.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Think Tank, Part Five

Process Core Principles
The steps we go thru

Permission Transaction
Wholeness, Allness
Truth-telling, no matter how terrible, Be who you are – all of who you are - Big Self/Little self, both/and
Validation – Accepting/Loving What is no matter how bad
Need to Choose
Can’t Know
Surrender to It
Big Self/Formless – Little Self/Form
Pain is a Threshold
Grow into Big Self, Expand Comfort Zone
Die to the small self to move to the big self, help people thru the grief and pain with lots of things including vision, surrender, optimism, empathy
Opt more for the Formless
Optimism, Vision
Cultural Creatives/Cultural Constraints
Own Your Power, Take Responsibility, Stop Being a Victim

Projection makes Perception - What we put out, from the inside, is what we see on the outside. So do the inner work first, and the outer will take care of itself. Go to the connected soulful place and do from there. It’s like if the movies out of focus, you don’t go up to the screen (outer) to fix it, you go to the projection booth (the heart, mind, soul).

The Three Ws – Who, What & Where - It doesn’t matter what you do, but who you do it with – ego or spirit; it doesn’t matter what you do, but where you come from – inner or outer, spirit or world/ego. Coming from the ego/world place creates more of the same; it’s tinkering with the images on the screen. Come from a different place, the unknown, mysterious (to the ego), spiritual place and we can not only get it in focus, we can change the movie. If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.

Pain - What does pain mean? Progress – going in the right direction; or failure – wrong direction and punishment?

Right & Wrong - There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; there just is, and is, is always ‘right,’ just what’s there to work with. Our choices, feelings, beliefs and stories make it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Use other words for ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ such as ‘accurate’ and ‘inaccurate;’ ‘working’ and ‘not working;’ ‘peace, compassion and flow’ and ‘strife, striving and stress.’

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think Tank Alternative Life Navigation System - Part 1

Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System

Human life has four dimensions: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Everyday, ‘normal’ American middle class reality, ‘consensus reality,’ ignores two and emphasizes two – ignores spirit and emotions, and emphasizes mental and physical. Navigating life using only two of the four dimensions is not only difficult but creates difficulties.

The four dimensions are not distinct compartments or silos, but are varying forms of a single energy, with differing frequencies or vibrations. Think of them on an Energy Continuum with the least dense, highest vibration, most invisible and ubiquitous form, the spiritual, at the left, and the most dense, slowest vibrating and visible form, the physical, at the right, with mental next to spiritual and emotional next to mental.

Up ‘till now, individually, culturally, societally – as individuals and as a society, Western Civ has used only two of the four forms of energy available. Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System would help us use all four forms of the energy available to us, right now. That’s right, we don’t have to put the spirit and the heart into life, it’s already there waiting to be used.

We call it an ‘alternative’ navigation system, because it shifts away from the current over-emphasis on the mental and physical, to include the spiritual and emotional as equal partners and options. The alternative seeks to correct the imbalance by over-emphasizing spirit and emotion, and de-emphasizing the mental and physical.

This shift at the core of Think Tank Radio’s Alternative Life Navigation System would answer the famous Zen question, “Am I an earthly being having a spiritual experience, or a spiritual being having and earthly experience?” by saying we are first and foremost spiritual beings having earthly experiences. The Think Tank shift is also similar to a shift in perception called the ‘field/ground’ reversal – please see the picture to experience this shift. An example of a ‘normal’ field ground relationship is reading. In reading the field is the blank white space and the ground is the black letters. In this ‘normal’ way of perceiving, there is no meaning in the white space, the only meaning, value and power, is in the black letters. In a field/ground reversal, we look for meaning in the field, in the blank space, not in the letters, the ground.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Tank, Part Three - How it Might Work

Our – the Deki, Steve, Nancy process of give and take, discussion, and action bounded by shared vision and goals – building a new commons oriented to facilitating a world that works for everyone [and all the CC values], is part of the product we will sell. The vehicle or the product will be Coaching Groups.

Benefits of Groups – Why Participate?
• Learn how to own your ‘problems’ and see them as opportunities.
• Be the change you want to see. Live and actualize more most cherished ideals and values. Come out of the closet. Take a stand.
• Make a difference in your own life and at the same time, make a contribution to community and civil society
• Help others do the same in your Group
• Opportunities for leadership
• Start groups in other areas of your life, church, business, athletics, politics
• Refresh your soul, be creative, and shift your consciousness as you open yourself to fun, joy and expansive experiences of perennial wisdom as you use spiritual technologies.

The Groups would be open-ended with no content other than participant problem solving/opportunity seizing. We would, during the normal interaction and dynamics, point out coaching opportunities and techniques and encourage Group members to coach one another. Thus they not only learn to solve problems and seize opportunities using our patented world renown spiritual technologies, they learn how to coach themselves, loved-ones, and others they relate to. We thus make a difference and help them make a difference.

We can do the Groups live on internet radio or other appropriate technology. People would need an access code to participate, but everyone could listen, then sign-up to participate. There could be a fee for this.

Simultaneous linearity. Somethings before others, but everything nurturing and supporting everything else. Building community with awards and developing and operating coaching groups. The two will serve one another. I see the community building as epiphenomenal – as a side effect of the groups: as we do the groups, and the people in them, do their own groups, ad infanitum in a pyramid, we build community.

Groups could be demographic/niche specific: a transition group, GLBT group, a mom’s group, a dad’s group, a GenX group, a bankers group, a teen group, a small bus group.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Think Tank, Part 2

We want to “get our bloated nothingnesses [egos] out of the way of the divine circuits,” as Emerson said. We want to be more receptive, more feminine, in developing a connection and relationship with our highest and best aspirations. We want to allow a vision of what we don’t fully know or understand, a world that works for everyone, to flow thru us and guide us, rather than forcing it to conform to our present understanding – if you always do what you always did… and can’t solve the problem at the level of thinking that created it in the first place.

Michael Beckwith described this goal in his description of human spiritual evolution as – to us, by us, thru us, as us. First, to us, we feel like victims of forces beyond our control. Next, by us, we learn the Laws of Cause and Effect, Attraction and the ‘secret,’ and we use these in service of our egos. Third, thru us, we allow our egos to expand to include community and a world that works for everyone. And finally, as us, our egos are all but gone and we experience ourselves part of, and one with, all that is.

This movement may be thought of as expanding our comfort zones. Such expansion, entails much discomfort and pain. Help in the form of encouragement, courage, humor, just listening, and experiences of success - what the expansion is all about; why we’re doing it, is vital.

We’re wanting to build a space, and a set of processes and experiences that will enable people to expand their comfort zones – to get their bloated nothingnesses out of the way, and to evolve as Michael Beckwith described it so that they live more fulfilling lives from that place and may make meaningful contributions to a world that works for everyone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Tank - A New Approach to Living

Describe ThinkTank for us?
A participative, innovative, multi-media approach to creating a world that works for everyone, one person at a time. A viral approach to macro change thru individual skill-building and power enhancement that enables individuals to develop, share, grow and change themselves, their relationships, communities, groups, organizations and societies in the direction of a world that works for everyone.

What distinguishes your approach to coaching people?
I am an “inside-out” coach. I facilitate people getting in touch with their inner power, skills, passions and values and work from there. I also want to help clients realize and utilize all they already have within them: spirit, head, heart and hand to experience a whole, integrated, integrous and therefore, sustainable, life.

What is it that you train people to do?
See above.

Help me understand what you mean when you say a world that works for everyone?
As peace as more than the absence of war. Economic, political, social, etc. systems that enable and support healthy, non-violent self expression in the context of community and sustainability. Systems that produce less or no: suffering, fear, punishment, tyranny, waste and disease and more joy, love, authenticity, enthusiasm, passion, soul-work, gratitude, and respect.

How does it feel to have successfully established a business that contributes to a world that works for everyone?
It feels blessed and great! Being part of this is the point, what I’ve always wanted my life to be about. I feel fulfilled, completed, worthwhile.

What inspired you to do this in the first place? (Biz creation story)
What were you hoping for?
See above. Do well by doing good. No contradiction, not an either/or; not necessary to hurt one’s self, others and the environment in order to be successful. In fact, the opposite is true, one can’t achieve sustainable success by hurting one’s self, others and the environment.

will have to shift from left brain dominance to a slight right brain dominance; from lack and scarcity thinking to a tilt towards grace, ease and abundance; from struggle is necessary, to struggle is an indicator of the need to shift; from outer directed to inner directed; from self to Self; from part to whole

our habits and systems rooted in the above


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Assumptions, last

Assumptions: The Alpha and Omega

The world is a dangerous place
The bottom line is all that matters
It's either my way or the highway Command & control is best
The material world is primary
Short term results
Pain, lack, limitation, fear
Closed, hidden, secretive
Controlled, routine
Medical Model
Future oriented
Machine Metaphor

The world is a neutral place
Everything matters
It's both my way and your way Cooperation and participation
Both spirit & science
Both short and long term
Joy, vision, passion
Open, visible, revealed
Free and spontaneous
Appreciative Model
Present & future
Organic Metaphor

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Assumptions, Part 2

"There is much more in heaven and earth than in your philosophy," Shakespeare said.
Realize more of your potential, grow, complete yourself, know your assumptions and choose to go beyond them.
Remember, habit speaks first, the pull of the comfort zone is intense. That's why mindfulness is so useful.
When you catch yourself struggling, denying, running fast and getting nowhere, victimized, angry and vindictive, perhaps your assumptions are using you, instead of you using them.
Pause, take a deep breath, reflect a moment.
"What do I really, really want, here and now? What's the highest and best for all concerned? Do I want to be right or happy?
How can I, right now, with passion, joy and gladness, make a contribution that will bring the highest and best for all concerned? Is it possible I don't know everything?
Is it possible I'm holding to my assumptions inappropriately, being arrogant, stubborn, fearful and self centered?"
Then, without guilt or condemnation, start fresh, right where you are right now. With passion, joy and gladness, do what you can to make a contribution from your heart and uniqueness that will bring the highest and best for all concerned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Assumptions, Part 1

Stop Blaming, Take Responsibility and Start Making Things Better

Our assumptions about the world, life and living determine our experience and quality of life.

Assumptions have a grain of Truth, sometimes a bit more, but they are never the whole Truth. They are a partial picture of Reality.

Your assumptions are complete and true enough for you. But they act as a filter for the whole of Reality - allowing in what supports them, and screening out what doesn't.

Assumptions limit. They are the boundaries of our comfort zones.

To know our assumptions and choose to go beyond them, is to grow, have more options, achieve ever greater success, become more complete and real. It is to stop blaming, become responsible and start making things better.

We expand vast amounts of energy - emotional and physical, holding on to our assumptions, our tiny bits of Reality, while denying and fighting the rest of a vast Reality that mayor may not support them.

This is exhausting and stressful. It feels like we're running as fast as we can and getting nowhere. We feel like victims. We're angry, aggressive and afraid.

We are mistaking assumptions about Reality, for Reality; mistaking ourselves for our assumptions, identifying too closely with our beliefs. You are not your assumptions, beliefs and thoughts.

You are more, much more. Assumptions, beliefs and thoughts are not real. We make them real by our allegiance to them.

Like styles in clothing, art and music, assumptions, beliefs and thoughts come and go. But you, and I remain.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


“The sages do not consider that making no mistakes is a blessing. They believe, rather, that the great virtue of man lies in his ability to correct his mistakes and continually to make a new man of himself.” Wang Yang-Ming (1472-1529)

“When you hold a vision clearly in your mind, your consciousness gets a new chance to grow. It can then expand to match your vision and embrace it. What results is a whole new world for you.” – Gregory Barrette

“When you don’t feel the way you ought to act, if you just act the way you ought to feel, then you WILL feel the way you ought to act.” - William James

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


“Directed faith is not a vague, hazy, wishful yearning. It is a powerful belief of expectancy that causes the universe to send us wonderful things.” – Edwene Gaines

“There are no terminal mistakes. Every activity of life is designed to move you closer to your goal: conscious oneness with God. Embrace your mistakes and set yourself free!” --Greg Barrette

“Wisdom is not a product of thought. The deep Knowing that is wisdom arises through the simple act of giving someone or something your full attention.” Eckhart Tolle