Friday, June 28, 2013

Fragging 4

“You would be very surprised how different reality is from what we see. We do not realize the magnitude of that one error,” Devorah said. “It was so vast and so completely incredible that from it a world of total unreality had to emerge. Its fragmented aspects are fearful enough. But nothing we have seen begins to show us the enormity of the original error, which seemed to cast us out of the Garden, shatter knowledge into meaningless bits of disunited perceptions, and force us to make further substitutions.

“That was the first projection of error outward. The world arose to hide it, and became the screen on which it was projected and drawn between us and the truth. Truth extends inward, where the idea of loss in meaningless and only increase is conceivable. Do you really think it strange that a world in which everything is backwards and upside down arose from this projection of error? It was inevitable. For truth brought to this could only remain within in quiet, and take no part in all the mad projection by which this world was made. Call it not sin but madness, for such it was and so it still remains. Invest it not with guilt, for guilt implies it was accomplished in reality. And above all, be not afraid of it.

“When you seem to see some twisted form of the original error rising to frighten you, say only, ‘God is not fear, but love,’ and it will disappear. The truth will save us. It has not left us, to go out into the mad world and so depart from us. Inward is sanity; insanity is outside us. We but believe it is the other way around, that truth is outside, and error and guilt within. Our little, senseless substitutions, touched with insanity and swirling lightly off on a mad course like feathers dancing insanely in the wind, have no substance.  They fuse and merge and separate, in shifting and totally meaningless patterns that need not be judged at all. To judge them individually is pointless. Their tiny differences in form are no real differences at all. None of them matters. That they have that in common and nothing else.

“Let them all go, dancing in the wind, dipping and turning till they disappear from sight, far, far outside you. Instead, turn to the stately calm within, where in holy stillness dwells the living God we never left, and who never left us.”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fragging 3

“When we fragment, we substitute illusion for truth,” Devorah said to the multitude. “We’re saying truth, reality as it is, is not enough; we want and need something more; that being who and what we are, spiritual beings having earthly experiences, is inadequate and doesn’t work. To fragment is to exclude, judge against and substitute one aspect of the whole for the whole Itself.

 “When we fragment, no one is seen as complete. The body is emphasized, not spirit, with special emphasis on certain parts which are used as the standard of comparison for judgment.

 “It’s all about fear. Fear is both a fragmented and fragmenting emotion. Fear seems to take many forms, each seeming to require a different form of action to manage it. Yet in truth, fear is the result of a single substitution: the ego for Spirit. And because of this single substitution, the world has become so splintered and subdivided and divided again, over and over, that it is now almost impossible to perceive it once was one and still is what it was.

“Beloved, that one error, not a sin, but an error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time, and life to death, was all we ever made. Our whole world rests on it. Everything we see reflects it, and every special relationship we’ve ever made is part of it.

 "You would be very surprised how different reality is from what we see. We do not realize the magnitude of that one error.”

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


“Beloveds, can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?” Devorah said to the multitude. “In no fantasy have you ever seen anything so lovely. Nothing you see here, sleeping or waking, comes near to such loveliness. Nothing that you remember that made your heart sing with joy has ever brought you even a little part of the happiness this sight will bring you. You will behold the beauty Spirit Itself loves to look upon. YourSelf holds this and sees this for you until you are able to see it for yourself.

“To forgive is merely to remember only the loving experiences you gave in the past, and those that were given you. Let all the rest go. Don’t energize them with your thoughts and feelings. Don’t dwell on them. Turn away from them. Forgiveness is a selective remembering, based not on your selection, but spirit’s, on the still small voice’s guidance, by choosing the Kingdom first and of remembering from being centered in It.

“It is still and always up to you to choose to join with truth or illusion. But to choose one is to let the other go. Which you choose you will endow with beauty and reality; the spark of beauty or the veil of ugliness, the real world or the world of guilt and fear, freedom or slavery. But no matter how it seems, realize you can never choose but between God and the ego. Thought systems and the experiences that flow from them are either true or false and all their attributes flow simply from what they are.”


Monday, June 24, 2013

Sacred Sex

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fragging 2

“No evidence will convince you of the truth of what you do not want.” [This is so true of the TPary Republicans and their reaction to Obama.] It is true, just as you fear, Malachizer, that to have faith in spirit and acknowledge Its reality and Wholeness and your own reality as part of It, is to deny all that you think you know. But what you think you know was never true, priest. What gain is there in clinging to it and denying the evidence for truth? The discomfort you feel when I speak to you of the power of love and at-one-ment and the weakness and limitations of fragmentation and your awareness of the distinctions between the Covenant and the Scrolls is being brought into your awareness constantly now. And this in a mind firmly convinced that at-one-ment is illusion and attack is power.

“Do you still prefer the results of your interpretation of experience, when you honestly consider what those results have been? Is our world so good? God wills us better, Malachizer. Could you not look with greater clarity, in awe of the great mystery, seeing your ideas and beliefs as starting points on the journey to greater awareness? Spirit has spoken clearly, Malachizer, and yet because you have preferred to place still greater faith in the disaster you have made you have little faith in what you’ve heard. Today, let us resolve together to accept the joyful tidings that disaster is not real and reality is not disaster.”

Thursday, June 20, 2013


“We have a tendency to fragment, then be concerned about the truth of just a little part of the whole,” Devorah said to Malachizer the High Priest.

He frowned. “How else are we to know anything? After all, we do not eat the whole lamb at once, we eat it one mouthful at a time.” The priest smiled, proud of himself.

Devorah nodded indulgently. “We are not talking about eating, Malachizer, we are talking about knowing God. Focusing on a part, the Ten Commandments for example, is but a way of avoiding, or looking away from the whole, to what we think we might be better able to comprehend. A better and far more helpful way to think of God is this: we do not understand the power It is, either in part or in whole.” Malachizer sputtered. “We do not understand because we constantly fragment It, continually cutting the great mystery that It is down to our size, the size of our egos. Yet are we one with It and It works through us, even tho we don’t comprehend how; therefore our understanding cannot be necessary. But faith….”

“Faith is important, but not enough!” Malachizer said.

“I agree,” Devorah responded. “We have no choice but to use all aspects of being human – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. But how can faith in reality be ours while we are bent on making it unreal, denying Wholeness and fragmenting It? And are you really safer in maintaining the reality of illusions than you would be in joyously accepting the truth for what It is, and giving thanks for It? Honor the truth that has been given, and be glad you do not understand it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Monday, June 17, 2013

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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Reciprocal Thing

“Have you noticed,” the intuitive voice said to Devorah, the voice she thought of as God, “the fading out of one channel of communication, awareness, interest and opportunity is the signal of the opening of another?”

“Yes, I have,” Devorah responded. “We often say one door closes and another opens.”

“Yes, that’s because I’m always here, fully present, right where you are and no matter how things may appear to your ego self, I, yourSelf, intend only good.”

“I know that, abba, and I am learning to raise my consciousness enough to see beyond the outer circumstances to the truth of our shared reality. I see that shifting is a two sided coin, a two edged sword a reciprocal thing. As I empty out my closet, I automatically make room for new clothes.”

“Indeed! What you use in fantasy you deny to truth. What you reserve for yourself, you withhold from youSelf and from the wholeness reality is. The present is useless to you while you pursue the ego’s goals and know not yourSelf. Awake and awaken your brothers and sisters to our joyous shared reality. Have a good weekend!”

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mind/Brain Question

Once again Devorah travels to the future and thanks to the current issue of the Smithsonian, connects with the brilliant cosmologist Lisa Randall. They talk about what Lisa Randall calls the “mind/brain” question and Devorah calls the Covenant and the Scrolls distinction.

“Is the mind and consciousness the product of the brain, all our thoughts nerochemically determined, or is the mind not a slave of the physical brain and somehow capable of free will? Or can we never answer that question?”

“I think our experience as human beings existing simultaneously in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects has answered that question,” Devorah said. “Mind and consciousness, the Covenant, subsumes the brain. All four aspects are real, but exist in the context of the One Mind, One Consciousness.”

“I agree,” Lisa Randall said. “One mistake we scientists make is to think and frame questions in either/or terms, either we’re conscious or we’re not. I think there’s a spectrum of consciousness, a continuum, and it’s interesting to study that, the difference between a plant and a dog, a dog and a baby, etc.

“Inspiration – the mind/spiritual aspect, is needed in geometry just as much as in poetry. My best work arose from an insight. An insight doesn’t necessarily mean a new truth. Sometimes it’s just a new way of looking at things. And to me, that’s why the mind/brain question is so interesting. Some say, human consciousness is not capable of comprehending the mystery of its own nature.

“I say, ‘maybe it is, maybe it isn’t’, but we can probably understand a lot more about it even if we don’t ultimately understand it. And second, we haven’t been trying to answer this question scientifically for a long time.  We understand a lot of things now that we didn’t understand before. And this one’s terrifically hard, because we don’t even know what we mean by consciousness.”

“I guess I think it’s amazing that we know as much as we do. And why should everything be so much like us that we can figure it out? We want to be open to what is beyond our limited ego selves – which is 99% of everything – and feel the sense of wonder and awe at experiencing the cosmos and the extra dimensions in our minds. String theory postulates that there are eleven dimensions. Impossible to imagine? Perhaps, but both thrilling, frightening and ultimately fulfilling to try….”

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Monday, June 10, 2013

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Only One Mistake

“When the body ceases to attract you, and when you place no value on it as a means of getting anything, then there will no interference in communication. As you let yourSelf teach you how to use the body only for purposes of communication, and renounce its use for separation and attack which the ego sees in it, you will learn you have no need of a body at all.” Devorah sighed. “I’ve had glimpses of this, moments of it. You have too, haven’t you?” Yael nodded.

“We can have this more often. It’s in our power to do so. It’s what God wants for us, the Canaanites, even for the wretched, prejudiced, fear mongering T Party Republicans. And it’s possible to accomplish this all at once because there’s but one shift in perception necessary. That’s because we’ve made but one mistake. It seems like many, but it’s all the same; for though the ego takes many forms, it’s always the same idea. What is not love is always fear, and nothing else.

“It’s not necessary to follow fear through all the circuitous routes by which it burrows underground and hides in darkness, to emerge in forms quite different from what it is – cancer, dogma, prejudice. Yet it is necessary to examine each one as long as we retain the principle that governs them all. But, when we are willing to regard them, not as separate, but as different manifestations of the same idea, and one we no longer want, they go together.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ideas, Only Ideas

Yael nodded and Devorah continued: “Have you noticed that it’s impossible to use one relationship at the expense of another and not suffer guilt? And that it’s also impossible to condemn part of a relationship and find peace within it? As long as I accept the possibility and cherish it, that I can make another human being into what they are not, because of myself I would change them and have them be different, then I will experience guilt. But if I can accept the fact that perfect love is in me as it is in you, then separation vanishes because holiness was shared.”

 “Yes,” Yael said. “I understand.”

 “Good. We don’t find it difficult to believe that when another calls on God for love, our call is undiminished - is not in competition with hers and remains as strong. Nor do we think that when God answers her call our hope of answer is diminished. On the contrary, we’re more inclined to see her success as witness to the possibility of ours, because we recognize, however dimly, that God is an idea, and so our faith in It is strengthened by sharing. What I find difficult to accept, and perhaps you do too, is the fact that, like mySelf, I too am an idea. And like Her, I can give myself completely, wholly without loss and with only gain. Here lies peace, for there is no scarcity or conflict.”

Yael was nodding and smiling. “We experience the full communication (the opposite of excommunication) of ideas with ideas, when we release the past and judgment. Without these, the fullness of love’s meaning is understood. If you and I were not ideas, and nothing but ideas, we could not be in full communication with everything that is. Yet as long as we prefer to be something other than an idea, or would attempt to be nothing else and something else together, we will not remember the language of communication which I know perfectly.”

Monday, June 3, 2013


“I try to suspend judgment entirely. It doesn’t work, not only because it’s based on the past, which is over, if I’ll let it be, but also because it’s based on my limited perceptions, on self reliance instead of Self reliance,” Devorah said to Yael. “But I fear letting go entirely and resist doing it because I believe without myself, all would be chaos. But I’ve found this isn’t true and without the ego all would be love.

“Judgment seeks to separate out certain aspects of total reality and look to them to meet my imagined needs. So another reason judgment doesn’t work is separation, rejecting mySelf and the at-one-ment, is the source of guilt. To appeal to judgment and separation for direction and support is to believe I am alone and to be alone, to experience myself as alone is to reject mySelf and deny the Oneness I am a part of and to attack reality. Is it any wonder we feel a vague sense of unease and guilt when we judge?

“I’ve found that I can’t love parts of reality and understand what love means. Spirit loves all equally and knows no special love. After all, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. To believe that special love in a special relationship offers me salvation is to reject at-one-ment and feel guilty. And because of guilt, all special relationships have elements of fear in them. That’s why they shift and change so frequently; it’s because they are not based on changeless love alone.