Wednesday, March 21, 2012


From the Christian Science Monitor 3/12/12 issue by John Yemma: “Guns have one purpose. They don’t cut rope, drive nails or propel baseballs. They are built to kill or maim. Firearms are central to almost every conflict, crime, uprising or peacekeeping mission. Governments use guns to maintain order. Rebels use them,” to create a new order.

“There are more guns per capita in the US than in any other nation. Some people like guns for hunting, target practice, and skeet shooting. If you have a gentle nature, though, you probably abhor firearms. Every time a confused young person opens fire at a school, a worker assaults co-workers, a stray bullet enters an inner-city home…every one of those violent acts is a powerful argument for locking guns away.

“If you believe in the right to self-defense and liberty, however, you probably see gun ownership as natural and just. Every assault, home invasion, robbery or hostage taking is a powerful argument that a lawfully armed citizen might have been able to stop the crime.

“The balance between public safety and individual freedom is not easy. From the Revolution through the settling of the frontier to the 21st century, guns have been embedded in the American experience. The Second Amendment to the Constitution appears to enshrine the right of individuals to own and carry firearms. In 2008 and 2010, the US Supreme Court issued landmark rulings that ensured possession of firearms for lawful purposes.” More tomorrow.

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