Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the Silence, Part III

But you can only claim the silence and the at-one-ment for yourself. You can’t do it for anyone else, nor can others learn only from your words or judgments. They learn most and best from your example, from the reality of your choice. When in a difficult situation with another, don’t ask spirit, “what shall I say to her?” Rather ask, “help me see this person from within the silence, through the eyes of truth (the at-one-ment), as a spiritual being having an earthly experience, not as a being trapped in a body.”


We pray and keep asking spirit to make us feel good here; to solve our problems here; to bring and end to pain and suffering here; give us things here. But things here do not last. Better to ask to change our thinking here, to shift figure/ground here—to let our special, ego needs recede into the background; and our spiritual reality move to the foreground.

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