Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Presence and the Goodness

Does God’s presence fluctuate? Is It more present in Mecca, Jerusalem, NYC or Wheeling, West Virginia? Was there more of God and Its goodness at another time? In the 1950’s, 1492, in Buddha’s time or Moses’ time? Many Americans especially those in gerrymandered ‘safe’ Congressional districts would say ‘yes,’ yes God’s presence fluctuates and yes there was more of God and Its goodness at another time and we have to go back to those times and places. Back to rural life, racial and sexual purity, only three TV Networks and no internet, cell phones and video games.

I would ask these people to consider the moon. When we look up at the moon, it appears different at various times. Depending on the time of the month and weather, the moon may appear as a sphere, a crescent, a sliver or unseen. Yet the moon hasn’t changed shape or disappeared. It remains whole and perfectly placed no matter how we see it. So it is with God’s presence and goodness. They are there for us always, forever and wherever, even in Washington, DC.

But to experience the presence and goodness we must let go of our perspective and look from Its perspective. We must accept responsibility for dreaming the world of the ego’s nightmare, stop being victims, and choose God’s dream of love, wholeness, compassion and inclusion instead. We do not deny, explain away or accept the horrors around us, the injustice, inequality, poverty and disease but we go within first, seek the Kingdom which is most assuredly fully present right now, and from that place seek to make our unique contributions to a world that works for everyone and everything in it.



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