Wednesday, October 16, 2013


“This does not mean a denial of the objective world,” Devorah said to the wounded man as she knelt beside his bed and prayed with him, “but a recognition that there is a transcendent cause in and through it. One creative cause for both sickness and health.”

“But they may cut off my leg,” the soldier said.

Eyes calm and full of faith, never leaving his, Devorah said, “Tho you may lose your leg, do not give in to the temptation to see yourSelf as a body. You remain as God created you – perfect – choose yourSelf. Temptation seeks to persuade us - the blessed children of God, that we are bodies, born into what must die, unable to escape its frailty, and bound by what it orders us to feel. This is not so! Accept not these limits. See temptation for what it is – a lie. YourSelf is whole and perfect and may still live, love and contribute with one leg or no legs.”

Devorah stroked the man’s bearded cheek. “Relax into your reality as spirit. Do not fight the temptation, my gentle warrior, that only makes it real. See the temptation, do not deny its appearance, only its power over you. The one creative source makes you healthy or sick, whole or broken as you choose. Know this and choose to be yourSelf.”


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