Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Laughter is Good Medicine

There will be a lot of humor in this blog for two reasons. First, humor gives a fresh perspective and an opportunity to change by shifting consciousness from the linear, logical, left brain to the non-linear, spontaneous, creative right brain. Second, humor and laughter are healthy.

Laughter is good medicine. It's like aerobic cardiovascular exercise benefiting the heart, circulation and blood pressure. A ten or fifteen minute daily dose of humor and laughter is almost the same as a thirty minute run. It's an attitude adjustment without the hangover. Laughter is contagious, not only will you benefit, but so will those around you.

Lighten up and look for opportunities to laugh with life. Do you know why angels fly? Because they take themselves so lightly.

Think of laughter as inner jogging; it helps support the healthy levels of endorphins that build happiness, fight anxiety and fortify the immune response, including the natural killer cells that fight cancer. All of this free of the side effects you hear about on those TV medicine commercials, that are often worse than the disease.

A woman walks into a bar, sits down, orders a drink and while she's waiting, eats some nuts. A high shrill voice says, "Nice legs!" She whips her head around but no one else is nearby. She eats a few more nuts and the same voice says, "Nice stockings!" Again, she looks around and there's no one there. The bartender comes with her drink. "You know," she says to him, "I heard a voice telling me nice legs and nice stockings, but there's no one else here." "Oh," says the bartender. "That was the nuts, they're complimentary."

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