Monday, April 26, 2010

The Course: Undoing

Another great quote, this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson, says much the same thing as the Course does about the centrality of the undoing process – “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits.” Don’t you love it? Doesn’t it resonate? Haven’t you experienced how well letting go can work for you? When we get our egos out of the way, not only do we feel much better, but creativity and other great things happen. Without the noise and static of the ego’s illusion, the still small voice - the reality of just plain being, the sense that we’re OK as we are, and don’t have to struggle and strive, can be heard.

This is practical stuff; it works, you can experience it. You don’t have to take someone’s word for it, or quote a ‘holy’ book, it’s not about being dogmatic, having faith in illogical beliefs like virgin birth, or trying to prove something. When you undo your investment in the ego’s illusions, including having to be right about the nature of God, when you stop the chatter and the bull and get centered, you’re open to input from the ‘divine circuits’.” This is so for everyone – Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, Jew, fundamentalist, Hindu, whatever, the divinity is within each of us, whether we know it or not, accept it or not; each of us is a child of God, connected to divinity. We need to make space for this reality to emerge, to develop a personal relationship with the God/Reality beyond dogma and rules that is already there, inside, waiting for us, that each of us is a part of.

As Ernest Holmes has said, we don’t have to put this divine energy into ourselves and each other, it’s already there. We simply – and oh boy, it’s not so simple – have to remove the blocks to It’s flowing, blocks which we ourselves, our beliefs and culture, have put there. Undoing the blocks begins by acknowledging this situation – that divine energy is there, within each and every one of us, no exceptions, and that we tend to deny, block and barrier it.

So I read in the Course today: “Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God? You will accept only whom you invite. You are free to determine who shall be your guest, and how long he shall remain with you. Yet this is not real freedom, for it still depends on how you see it. The Holy Spirit [more on this later, but for now, the memory of God we took with us into the dream] although He cannot help you without your invitation. And the ego is nothing, whether you invite it in or not. Real freedom depends on welcoming reality, and of your guests only the Holy Spirit is real. Know, then, Who agbides with you merely by recognizing what is there already, and do not be satisfied with imaginary comforters, for the Comforter of God is in you.”

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