Thursday, December 16, 2010

God is in everything I see

Lesson 29 in the Workbook of a Course in Miracles says, “God is in everything I see.” This does not mean that God is literally found in the materiality we see around us. It means that the purpose of God – forgiveness, is in everything I see. Everything I see offers the opportunity to awake to my reality as a spiritual being having an earthly experience, as you are, too, and to know that I am one with, and connect to spirit. To see as the Course means it, has nothing to do with the body’s eyes, but with the mind, not the brain. To see, as the Course means it, to have vision, means I have chosen spirit as my teacher and see from the inside out with Its eyes.

Since the inner and outer are the same, what I perceive outside is a projection, like a movie on a movie screen, nothing more than a shadow of what I have first perceived within, a reflection of the teacher I have chosen. When the Course says, “God is in everything I see,” it means God is in everything I think, because seeing and thinking are the same: perception comes from thoughts, and remains one with them.

“God is in everything I see,” because I have chosen spirit’s inner vision, forgiveness, not blaming nor feeling guilt for making the error of outside-in thinking real. I am centered in the present moment, empty and free of past beliefs and constraints, ready to be filled, open to the all encompassing, loving reality of just being with nothing to prove or to do, like the lilies of the field. Looking with vision, I forgive and am forgiven, seeing God in everything because I have fired the ego as my teacher, and hired spirit. I let go of my pathetic attempts to control things and instead, bet it all on black – on spirit, hoping, no knowing, that, that’s what’s best for all concerned, the only possible way to build a world that works for everyone and everything.

“Resign now as your own teacher for you were badly taught,” the Course says. Boy, that’s right! “God is in everything I see,” means the opportunity to forgive, awake and experience God in everything I see, is present if I choose to accept it. Everything offers this opportunity, everything, good, bad and in between, it’s all the same to spirit; only I in my ego ‘wisdom’ arrogantly choose to label some things good and others bad. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. Everything I experience is an opportunity to learn to look on all things with love, to know spirit’s reality and mine as one with it, to identify with love, to look with appreciation on the world because I see in it the opportunity to learn that I am forgiven and that the ego can be undone.

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