Monday, June 3, 2013


“I try to suspend judgment entirely. It doesn’t work, not only because it’s based on the past, which is over, if I’ll let it be, but also because it’s based on my limited perceptions, on self reliance instead of Self reliance,” Devorah said to Yael. “But I fear letting go entirely and resist doing it because I believe without myself, all would be chaos. But I’ve found this isn’t true and without the ego all would be love.

“Judgment seeks to separate out certain aspects of total reality and look to them to meet my imagined needs. So another reason judgment doesn’t work is separation, rejecting mySelf and the at-one-ment, is the source of guilt. To appeal to judgment and separation for direction and support is to believe I am alone and to be alone, to experience myself as alone is to reject mySelf and deny the Oneness I am a part of and to attack reality. Is it any wonder we feel a vague sense of unease and guilt when we judge?

“I’ve found that I can’t love parts of reality and understand what love means. Spirit loves all equally and knows no special love. After all, the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. To believe that special love in a special relationship offers me salvation is to reject at-one-ment and feel guilty. And because of guilt, all special relationships have elements of fear in them. That’s why they shift and change so frequently; it’s because they are not based on changeless love alone.

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