Friday, August 16, 2013

A Different Purpose for Specialness

“Rejoice!” Devorah proclaimed. “There are only two emotions: love and fear. All else are shades of these two and love replaces all fear when we pause in our mad quest for specialness. Have you not felt that happen? In the midst of a traffic jam, money woes, personal disappointment, haven’t you suddenly, spontaneously felt how good and right and perfect life is? In those holy instants your bloated nothingness fell away and the perfect lack of specialness that is your truth manifested itself. Rejoice that you need not be content with specialness, that shabby substitute for love. Rejoice!

“Yet are those spontaneous holy instants few and far between.” Devorah shook her head sadly. “Still, you can allow your specialness to serve a different purpose. By being aware and mindful of it, not attacking it nor feeling guilt because of it you can allow the still small voice to use your specialness, guide you and lead you to manifesting the love that is your Identity.”

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