Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Other Side of Specialness

Context gives meaning. In the context of contributing to a world that works for everyone and everything, a world mirroring Spirit’s wholeness, inclusion, love and compassion, each of us has a special function – a special contribution to make that only we can make. In the context of the ego world of self promotion, blame, fear and guilt, the purpose of specialness is to separate, set us apart, exalt me at your expense. In Spirit’s context my specialness takes nothing from your specialness because each of us has a unique special contribution to make. In the ego’s context, my specialness comes at your expense. For me to be special, you have to be plain, ordinary, and nothing special.

Specialness in this view is, as most things in life, is neutral, with its meaning coming from who we’re identifying with and the purpose it serves. Identifying with Spirit, our specialness contributes to a world that works for everyone and everything. IDing with ego, our specialness contributes to a world that works for some and not others a world of separation, inequality, unfairness, injustice, fear, hate and blame. So specialness itself is neutral and not a problem. The problem is the context, identity and purpose we chose – either Spirit or ego. The goal is not to fix the ego’s nightmare world but to express our god-given specialness.


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