Monday, January 20, 2014

Trillions of Dollars Down the Drain?

Devorah rocked gently in a trance. “I see a time of plenty thousands of years in the future when there will be enough money, technology and energy to feed, clothe and educate every human being. Yet,” she paused and sighed, “the people know not the plenty in their midst, nor see the opportunities in and around them but dwell instead on lack and limitation, fear, hate, blame and punishment.

 “I see the richest country ever forsake the ideals that made it great and spend 3-4 trillion dollars on fruitless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I see this same country spend another 3 trillion dollars on financial bailouts.” Devorah shuddered and shook her head sadly. “Seven trillion dollars! An unimaginable sum! Could it not clothe and educate every human being in that country AND the world? Is it possible for these people, these Americans, to awaken and reclaim their ideals?”


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