Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meaningful Conversations 2

This is the second part of a multi-part post.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, absolutely great, if you could have a meaningful conversation, be authentic and share what you really care about and what’s most important to you?

Think about it. How would if feel? Would you have less stress? Be more relaxed? Enjoy your work more? Be more productive? Manage your time more effectively?

Why is that? Why does being authentic and sharing what you really care about, what’s most important and meaningful, make you more attractive and make your life flow?

Because, we’re Energy Beings and what’s most important and meaningful to us, sets us vibrating at our highest and best.

What’s most important and meaningful, comes to us from our highest and best, from Spirit.

The energy we are vibrates at four frequencies, from least dense, invisible and universal, to most dense, visible and specific – from spiritual, through mental, through emotional to physical.

Thus, connecting with others in a meaningful way, not only allows us to express our highest vibrations, it allows them to express theirs, too. And together we reinforce one another and increase and expand the power of our highest vibrations.

Unfortunately, the same increase and expansion happens when we connect with others at our most negative vibrational levels.

As more and more of us start connecting at our highest vibrational level, and having meaningful conversations is a way to do that, the vibrational level all around us will change. And that change will have an impact on us and the planet similar to the impact Columbus’ discovery of America had. It will be like going from the idea the world is flat, to understanding it is round. Immense power and benefit will be unleashed.

So, how do you do this? How do you learn to be more authentic, share what’s most important to you and have a meaningful conversation?

There are 12 things to remember and practice.

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