Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meaningful Conversations 4

This is the next in a series of meaningful conversations.

• Meaning is a subjective, emotional, inside job. Here again, we’ve got to be responsible for what things mean to us and realize they might mean something else to someone else

• Everyone is not like you and does not think like you, and that’s a good thing, imagine a world of people with the same strengths and weakness; that means when you have a blind spot or a weakness, you can probably find someone who isn’t blind and is strong where you’re blind and weak

• Wholeness – a more complete and accurate perception, is more likely when two or more are gathered to seek it. Individuals miss a lot; have filters – personal quirks, different cultures, experiences, tastes, appreciations – think about siblings in same families

• If you always do what you always did…. You’ll be frozen, unable to move forward. Stuck. So do it differently; get a different perspective, a different person involved

• Others see what we don’t; everybody’s not gonna go bungee jumping or wants to be a surgeon

• We can’t know everything; [dogs hear more and cats see more] but help is available. You’ve got to know you need it, then ask for it before you get it

• If you think you know, you won’t ask and you’re stuck with only what you already know, in an endless loop of always doing what you always did

o Better – more likely to grow and succeed, not to know; to keep an open mind and hold what we know lightly

• Is what you’ve labeled a ‘problem’, really a problem? Why is it in your life? Is it here to punish you, or grow you? What’s your view of life – is it a struggle in a dog-eat-dog world, or a series of opportunities in a helpful universe? Could the person giving you all this grief, really be the help you need, an angel? Angels come in all shapes and sizes, very few of them have wings

• What’s the point? To win? To avoid pain, guilt and blame? To die with the most toys? To wipe out the other guy? How are you keeping score? Consider Rotary’s Four Way pledge and to be in and come from That Place

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