Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Alchemy, rooted in ancient science, seeks to transform lead into gold, pain into success. Alchemy can transform the lead in your life - the fear, pain and struggle, into the gold of success, confidence, joy, and flow. What does gold feel like to you - who are you with, what are you doing? What does lead feel like – what do you fear? Where is your pain?

Alchemists use Seven Transformational Strategies that work together as a system. It’s easy to use, you can start anywhere in the system, with any individual strategy, then cycle through the others.
o First, Visioning and Intentionality. This is about your values and knowing, beyond doubt, that there is something else, a greater, more loving reality that you are always part of and moving towards, even when you don’t realize it. This is the Alchemists’ gold.
o Next, Both/and Thinking. We’ll talk more about that in a little while
o Next is Readiness and Always at Choice. This involves using intuition, Knowing by doing and Living it out
o Then, Mindfulness and Awareness, being alert and tuned-in to your thoughts and feelings most of the time.
o Full Acceptance is next. This is facing the cold hard facts in the context of Vision and values. It’s clearly seeing present conditions and not denying them, while realizing it’s all taking you where you need to go and that what you resist, persists
o Emptiness, is next. This is about creating a vacuum. It involves trust and faith, letting go, releasing and giving over to the greater reality, so Vision and true values can fill the space
o And last, Reprogramming Triggers

More about each of these in future posts.

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