Friday, August 6, 2010

Humpty Dumpty, Part 3

Here’s something else for the people who want to knock Humpty off his wall to consider. They may think that the aftermath of the broken egg will somehow be better or that they can control what follows the egg breaking. This is like letting the genie out of the bottle – once out, he cannot be controlled. The rich industrialists who backed Hitler and all he stood for, and don’t say they didn’t know ‘cause Mein Kampf was written early on, thought they could control him, and maybe they did for awhile but the price paid by the German people and the world was a high one. Of course, the rich got richer even during and after Hitler. Are the leaders of the Republican Party making the same mistake, thinking they can control the maniac fringe they’re currently supporting? Is that a conscious strategy on their part, to sink the ship and get away in the life boats?

More about the President’s ‘legitimacy.’ The current President was elected with a clear majority. That’s more than can be said for the previous President. Al Core had more votes, but the quirky electoral college thingy, tripped him up. Then, in the Supreme Court, the swing vote, Sandra Day, went with her bias instead of the actual voting plurality so we end up with the man that converted the Clinton budget surplus into the largest deficit ever, didn’t follow-up and end the Afghan war when he had the chance and put us into Iraqu and its bogus WMD. Talk about illigitimate!! But did Democrats carry on and do the horrible things Republicans are doing now? No! No, they stayed within the consensus, choosing to keep Humpty up on his wall, rather than ‘win.’ In fact, Democrats are regularly criticized in our macho war-like culture as being too wimpy and not going for the kill.

It was OK for the Supreme Court to overturn Al Gore’s plurality and decide for Bush, but when a Federal judge appointed by Bush senior, overturns the plurality in California that sought to make gays second class citizens, that’s wrong and unfair. Talk about hypocracy!! Humpty Dumpty before the fall – the previous social contract and political consensus, was that we are a nation of laws, with three co-equal branches of government with a Constitution designed to protect the rights of minorities against tyranical, small minded majorities, and that under the Constitution, judges, more than the other two branches have the duty to protect the rights of minorities, like gays and Muslims, to equal justice and fair treatment from injustice and unfair treatment, legislated or not.

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