Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spiritual Reality and NDEs

Saturday morning I read a review of a book on NDE – near death experiences, called, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences, by Jeffrey Long, M.D. I’m not so interested in life after death, but rather life in life. To me the bliss and wonders of the so called ‘life to come’ – the reunion with dead loved ones, the lack of pain & suffering, and the 72 virgins if you’re a male heterosexual, or perhaps if you’re a lesbian as well – are all available right now. We don’t have to wait ‘till we die to experience our bliss, connection with God and our reality as spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

What was interesting to me in Dr. Long’s book is that he found evidence that supports life in life, our primary reality as spiritual beings. Dr. Long’s study is the most recent and exhaustive of perhaps hundreds of books on NDEs. His research extended over ten years and included interviews with more than 1,300 people, 95% of whom said their NDE was definitely real. That pretty much dovetails with previous findings. What’s important to the idea that we’re primarily spiritual beings having earthly experiences is the fact that many of that 95% considered their NDE the only real thing that ever happened to them!

In other words, the experience of bliss, ease, light, safety, peace, contentment and connection with Spirit that are the hallmark of NDEs, were considered the only real experiences that ever happened to them. In other words, their connection with God and all that goes with that was the only real thing that ever happened to them – that we are spirit first, then human. After a failed suicide one person reported, “I could only see my life through that Being’s (God’s) love…I saw the love was in me, too, not just from the Being shining down on me, it was in me as part of myself.”

Why do NDEs bring out these experiences of our reality as spirit and oneness with God and each other? Because, near death our bloated nothingness, our ego is gone, out of the way. Without our bloated nothingness and the illusion that we’re separate from God, we’re not separated. Our natural reality as spiritual beings having an earthly experience shines through. The cool thing is, you don’t to have to have an NDE to experience this. You can experience your reality as a spiritual being and your constant connection to God by getting your bloated nothingness out of the way now through things like meditation, prayer and openness and intuition. So why wait? Start practicing the presence and getting out of the way now.

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