Monday, August 9, 2010

Humpty Dumpty, Part 4

We still have a consensus that murder is morally wrong along with rape and robbery (of a bank. If it’s a large corporation, like Haliburton and they rip us off by ripping off our tax dollars or making us pay for their environmental messes and outsourcing costs with unemployment insurance, then its OK.) Illegal immegration is a problem and we have to deal with it. But it’s a complex problem, not solvable by blaming and demonizing people, depriving them of their humanity, or by simple slogans. It would be nice if the wall against the dark skinned, Spanish speaking, Catholic illegals from Mexico could do the job, but it can’t.

Why must American’s always avoid complexity and intellectual challenges? Why must everything be over simplified and reduced to either/or, good/bad terms? Damn! Where’s John Wayne when you need him? We not only avoid complexity and intellectual challenges, we think they’re unAmerican, French, perhaps, Yech! a plot to keep us from being strong and #1. Blaming, over-simplifying and demonizing are simple solutions that no longer work, if they ever did. We have to face up to the fact that we have to live and learn, have humility, realize that we as Americans – as a conservative, white, heterosexual, christian nation - don’t always know best and can’t go around imposing our morality, solutions and institutions. We are in fact a minority in the world and that type of American - conservative, white, heterosexual, christian – may soon be a minority in North America as well.

So how do we save the best of American civilization, our hopes, ideals and dreams, the concepts in our Consitution and emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty? By building walls, blaming, demonizing, and focusing on legal technicalities? No! We safeguard our treasurers by living them and sharing them, by honoring them in our hearts, minds and deeds; by confronting fear, racism, hypocracy and pandering, comparing them to what we value most, praying for guidance, not dogma or sermons, then working through the complexity together, Democrats and Republicans, so-called liberals and conservatives.

There is no question if we start with the belief that we are all children of God, all loved equally, none superior in revelation or system, with self and ambition out of the way and wrapped in a sincere desire to express only God’s grace and love that we will succeed. Falling back on dogma, bibles, and holy books that require exclusive obedience won’t work. Seeing that God – not the christian or muslim god – but the universal God is the source of all help, the only truly reliable help, will break the bottlenecks of fear, loathing and beauracracy. Seeing that the essential nature of humanity is spiritual, we will know we have been inspired and guided when we transcend our smallness, bigotry and fear and include all of humanity and the planet in our solutions, moving toward a world that works for everyone.

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