Thursday, May 19, 2011


Intuition is the same higher, spiritual intelligence I blogged about a few posts ago. It is always present, always available and always unerringly the best guidance available in the moment; way superior to our so-called ‘rational’ thinking. Intuition instantly takes into consideration all the variables and all the factors in play - variables and factors we could not begin to identify or process logically. Intuition is a natural super computer, a natural shit detector, and it’s available to me and you right now, at no cost, without pre-conditions – no dues, degrees, and no particular sexual, political or religious preference required.

However, our beliefs about ourselves and the world keep us from accessing it. As RW Emerson said, our ‘bloated nothingness’ – our ego beliefs and behaviors, are in the way of the divine circuits. The only thing that needs changing for us to access intuition more often, is our perspective. Once glimpsing our true nature as spirit, the process – the long, often frustrating process of learning to trust intuition has begun.

Like an atrophied muscle, intuition has to be brought back to full functioning, gently. The more we use it, the more we will see the spiritual reality of intelligence instead of the false evidence of our material senses. We start by knowing, feeling, and embodying, if only for an instant, the truth that we are as spiritual as we’re ever going to be, right now – here and now, not when we die; that we already proceed from a boundless, unlimited basis – our relationship to spirit and all that is.

The story of Jesus healing the man with the withered hand is a wonderful example of using an intuition of perfection, despite the ‘logic’ and the evidence of the material senses. Jesus would not have asked the man to “stretch forth thine hand,” if he did not know the evidence of his material senses was not as reliable as the spiritual evidence of the man’s perfect nature in spirit. The man’s healing was proof, not of Jesus’ miracle working capability, but of the ever-true spiritual perfection of the man as spirit. “Greater things than this, shall you do also,” Jesus said, knowing he was the great example, not the great exception.

Intuition is much more about gaining a new perspective than fixing a ‘real’ problem. Learning to trust our intuition and using it often, is “letting that mind be in us, that was also in Jesus,” revealing the spiritual evidence of health and harmony that is much more reliable than the false evidence of disease and discord. Wonderful, uplifting and motivational to think about, harder to do, but worth the effort.

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