Monday, May 9, 2011

Learning to Trust Intelligence More Than Our Senses

In spite of what our senses tell us, we now accept that the world is round. How else are our senses, outwardly focused and trained to function in the ego nightmare, deceiving us? “The whole process of science is,” Laurance Doyle says in the 4/5 Monitor, “actually the process of taking the evidence of intelligence over the evidence of the senses, intelligence being more reliable than what might appear to be true from our limited perspective.”
The earth was always round, even when we knew it was flat. What else in life is like that? How about what spiritual intelligence says about everything being one and connected? The Earth did not change; the only thing that changed and needed changing was our perspective. So, right now, we are one and all connected. How can we awaken to this more reiable, spiritual relity of intelligence instead of believing the false evidence of the senses designed to support the ego’s nightmare?
Awakening to our reality as spirit is much more about going within and gaining a new perspective than it is about fixing a ‘real’ problem in the ‘real’ world – the ‘real’ problem in the ‘real’ world being the movie screen and turning within going to the projection booth.
The Earth did not need fixing, but the limited way we saw at it, did. Allowing the Mind that is already within us to shine through, reveals the spiritual evidence of health and harmony that is much more reliable than the false evidence of disease or discord provided by our ego dominated sense. Be in the place of spiritual intelligence, come from the place of spiritual intelligence; let the Mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus and we will joyfully contribute to a world that works for everyone.

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