Friday, May 20, 2011

Mornings and Stealth Republicans

Mornings are the most challenging for me. I want to get up, optimistic about how the day will unfold, open to new experiences, not weighted down with annoying physical pain, fear and doubt. When my feet hit the floor, I want to affirm my reality as spirit and know that this is the day the Lord made. I’m getting better at that; the muscle of truth and spiritual reality is getting stronger. Now, sometimes, I’m actually enthused about getting going instead of being reluctant, the way I used to be.

I’m also finding that, throughout the day, as ‘problems,’ aches and pains arise, if, as soon as I become aware of them I give them over to spirit, asking to see them and my identity with the ego’s nightmare differently, then, rather than struggling with them, ‘solutions’ and alternative ways of perceiving arise. The ‘problem’ ceases to be a problem, but an opportunity – an opportunity to awaken from the ego nightmare to my reality as a spiritual being having an earthly experience and go forward from there.
As I wrote yesterday, this is a process, a training. It doesn’t work immediately, but almost always works eventually if I really stick with it and want it to work. For instance, earlier this morning, I got hung up on the Herald’s headline saying the governor signed the election ‘reform’ bill. ‘Reform’ bill? Give me a break! It’s not a ‘reform’ it’s a regression. I know who the Republicans are, they’re out there in the open doing all these horrors for all to see. But who are the stealth Republicans who write and publish these headlines? How many people are influenced by this so-called ‘reporting’ and actually think the give-aways to FPL, the insurance companies and big business on the backs of children, the elderly and poor are really ‘reforms’? Can’t the paper at least be neutral about it, just report the facts and consequences of what the Republicans are doing? Must they label this shit as ‘reforms’? I guess they can’t or won’t.

So I’m giving this, and so many other political things, over to spirit and will not be enraged and dragged down by it, or at least, not for long. Knowing that my built-in shit detector is working well, and that if I stay in the centered space, despite what these people are doing, I will still go forward and make my contribution to a world that works for everything and everyone (even the stealth Republicans writing those headlines). Hope you will do the same! Happy Friday!

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