Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Please remember, we are not guaranteed a long life….
Duh…you say, I knew that!
Neither are the people we love and care about guaranteed a long life.
Neither are the conditions, rules, relationships or things that are important to us guaranteed a long life.

The meaning this reality holds for me touches on impermanence, but for me, it’s more about taking people, places, things and conditions for granted; about not appreciating them, nor being grateful for them.

What would I do differently if I felt grateful for the things I take for granted, and expressed that gratitude more often? How would I be different?

I’ve tried this, consciously made an effort to be grateful more often and express that appreciation more often, and it makes me happier, more compassionate, tolerant and creative. Each time I catch myself overlooking, ignoring and taking my many blessings for granted, I take a deep breath, say to myself, ‘there you go again,’ without blame, and shift to saying a heart-felt, ‘thank you!’

I am different when I’m grateful. Being ungrateful, dwelling on lack and what’s missing and what’s not working, seeking to blame and punish, makes me small, nasty and crabby, and actually blocks the flow of good into my life. Being grateful opens me up, makes me more receptive, compassionate, kind and generous, allows more good to flow to me and makes me want to share and bless. I like myself better, much better, when I’m grateful for the many things I take for granted. Try it. You might like yourself better, too.

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