Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the Body? 10

The following series of posts, begun on May first, are taken from Ken Wapnick’s, Journey Through the Workbook of a Course in Miracles, Vol. Seven, pages 69-72.  They represent a radical alternative to our ‘normal’, everyday view of the human body and our traditional views of spirituality.  This view is both horrifying and exhilarating.  See what you think.   It’s best not to swallow these ideas whole, nor reject them out of hand.  What’s best is to chew them over, mull them and reflect upon the rare occasions when the ideas seem to explain your experience.  The Course itself is believed to be channeled by Jesus as a correction to what’s been done with his ideas.

“’Made to be fearful, must the body serve the purpose given it.’  Everything in the world is a projection of thought, and since ideas leave not their source, and the key thought in our minds is fear---coming from sin and guilt---the body embodies fear.  Indeed, we all live in fear, potential or actual.  If we do not get enough oxygen, for example, the terror rises in our hearts; when our specialness needs are not met, fear of loss is inevitable.

“’But we can change the purpose that the body will obey by changing what we think, that it is for.’ The all-important theme of purpose returns.  Once again, Jesus is not asking us to deny our bodies, but simply to choose him as our teacher.  Thus will we learn the proper use of the body—a classroom to help us question the ego’s purpose and change our minds.

“This is the question [What for?] that you must learn to ask in connection with everything.  What is the purpose?  Whatever it is, it will direct your efforts automatically.  When you make a decision of purpose, then, you have made a decision that will remain in effect unless you change your mind.”

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