Friday, May 11, 2012

What is the Body? 8

The following series of posts, begun on May first, are taken from Ken Wapnick’s, Journey Through the Workbook of a Course in Miracles, Vol. Seven, pages 69-72.  They represent a radical alternative to our ‘normal’, everyday view of the human body and our traditional views of spirituality.  This view is both horrifying and exhilarating.  See what you think.   It’s best not to swallow these ideas whole, nor reject them out of hand.  What’s best is to chew them over, mull them and reflect upon the rare occasions when the ideas seem to explain your experience.  The Course itself is believed to be channeled by Jesus as a correction to what’s been done with his ideas.

“To review – on the one hand the ego says the body will protect us, and on the other it says the body will die, as will we.  However, I –the ego—will live on.

“Therefore, the ego has us believe, as this paragraph states, if oneness were the case we would no exist.  Once this is established in our minds as a pattern, we relive it over and over as bodies.  We continually victimize others, above all by having it appear as if they are victimizing us.  As paradoxical as it may seem, the greatest victimizers are the innocent victims, because they are the ones the world never suspects.

“Yet are we all victimizers and victims to each other, because we are split-off parts of the same victimizing and victimized thought.  Again, Jesus shows us the ego’s strategy for what it is.  If we could ever look at it, we would realize its absolute insanity.  Not only is the ego vicious, un-kind, and merciless to us and everyone else, it is insane—part of its plot to have us believe that what is true does not exist, and what does not exist is true.” 

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