Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is the Body? V

The following series of posts, begun on May first, are taken from Ken Wapnick’s, Journey Through the Workbook of a Course in Miracles, Vol. Seven, pages 69-72.  They represent a radical alternative to our ‘normal’, everyday view of the human body and our traditional views of spirituality.  This view is both horrifying and exhilarating.  See what you think.   It’s best not to swallow these ideas whole, nor reject them out of hand.  What’s best is to chew them over, mull them and reflect upon the rare occasions when the ideas seem to explain your experience.  The Course itself is believed to be channeled by Jesus as a correction to what’s been done with his ideas.

“’For if his oneness [ours, in the ego state] still remained untouched, who could attack and who could be attacked?  Who could be victor?  Who could be his prey? Who could be victim? Who the murderer?’  If the Atonement  is true [meaning at-one-ment in the Course], which means God’s Oneness remains untouched [and we are with Him now] – ‘not one note in Heaven’s song was missed’ – there is no duality and no victim and victimizer.  If oneness is the truth, I [as a separate ego] do not exist, because I can exist as an individual only by having first attacked God, making me the victimizer and God my victim; I the victor and God my prey.

“The ego quickly reverses this through projections, and God becomes the murderer and I His prey.  However, it makes no difference because either way, the living Oneness of God has been obliterated, at least in our memory.  Thus does the body prove the ego right, even though the body dies, for to the ego, both dreams are true – victim and victimizer.  ‘A brother separated from yourself, an ancient enemy, a murderer who stalks you in the night and plots your death, yet plans that it be lingering and slow; of this you dream.  Yet underneath this dream is yet another, in which you become the murderer, the secret enemy, the scavenger and the destroyer of your brother and the world alike.’”

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