Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The DOD and Alternative Energy

I received a request to sign a petition to ask Congress to allow the DOD to proceed with its alternative energy and bio-fuel programs.  The DOD has been working with universities, scientists and entrepreneurs to develop alternative energy sources including a real bio-fuels program from weeds, algae and other substances (like Brazil has had for years), not ethanol from more expensive and environmentally destructive corn grown in politically potent Iowa.

The DOD is pursuing and alternative fuels program, not because it’s suddenly gone green and gotten an ‘environmental conscious,’ but because most of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan are associated with fuel convoys!  The DOD wants alternatives to gas and oil to save soldiers’ lives!  Secondarily, it wants to reduce US dependence on foreign oil and the need to fight to ‘protect’ it, and also to reduce its budget by using alternatives to the more expensive oil products.

Three excellent, rational reasons for DOD to proceed with its alternative energy and bio-fuel programs.  So what gives with Congress?  How corrupt and broken is our political system when our elected, so-called leaders fight the DOD and want to keep killing soldiers, depend on foreign oil, and drive up the deficit?  Who are the voters who keep electing these people?  When will these voters start paying attention and start voting for people who are not ideological radicals but really care about building a world that works for everyone and everything?  We are drifting lower and lower.  How low will we go?  Must the nation be destroyed and many more lives ruined before people vote differently?

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