Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If blacksmiths had the power Exon has.....

In an article on 6/21, in the Herald, Andres Oppenheimer quotes Peter Diamandis as saying, “politicians are very focused on the near term and use linear thinking, with points of view that are based on scarcity and typically based on fear.” True enough, they do need to change.  But we need to change, too.  We’re the ones who keep electing the assholes!  Winnie Churchill said, “the people get the government they deserve.”  True, and sad!  But I don’t deserve the T party. Maybe you do, but I don’t!

Anyhow, Diamandis goes on to say the politicians (and us) should focus on “exponential technologies,” or technologies that double in their price performance ration every year.  “We now use these technologies to play video games, but we don’t use them to address the world’s biggest problems.”  Duh!!  Do ya think?

Could it be that there are those benefitting from the problems and the status quo, those with vast reservoirs of power and money who don’t want things to change?  Who do not care how many others are hurt or how the environment is degraded, so long as they and their ilk get theirs?  What if the blacksmiths, the saddle and buggy whip makers had the power the extraction industries have today?  We’d still be using horses.

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