Thursday, June 7, 2012


The following is a note I sent to a client who is feeling overwhelmed. 

I've been reflecting on our chat about Identity. It's something I've been working with a lot given all my prostate shit and my traditional 'male' identity.  You're right that CS is part of your identity, but not only your ego Identity.  As spirit you're much more than CS and your other endeavors, just as I am much more than my semen and books.  We are BOTH spirit and ego.  BOTH CS, books and something more, much greater. 

That greatness is wanting to express in CS and my books, but because it is of a different character and type altogether than our ego consciousness, we have to be diplomatic and tactful with the ego, to get it out of the way so the creative pieces of our spirit can flow thru us and out.  We can't deal with these pieces of spirit in the same way we deal with the ego.  When we try and think about them as if they were of the ego and not of spirit by setting deadlines, pushing and worrying, we will fail.  Ego methods do not work with spiritual things.

The way to work with spiritual things is spiritually.  The ego will worry and holler and struggle, but fuck it—no, that's where the tact and diplomacy you're so good at comes in. You want to do that with your ego.  As Emerson says, "Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits."  So know who and what you are--spirit and ego; but more spirit than ego.  That is our Identity.  Allow CS to express, if and when it's ready.  No force, no pressure, and most of all, no fear!  It's like gestation; it's more of a female than a male thing.  Spirit is kind of feminine in that way, ego more masculine.  We need both, but perhaps it's time we eased up on the ego and it's methods and shifted more to the spiritual.  What do you think?

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