Friday, May 31, 2013

Science and Spirit

Devorah was blessed with visions of the future. In one she foresaw the Holocaust and in another, the restored Jerusalem of today. In the following vision she is a PH.D. student in a neuroscience lecture. Science as we understand it was unknown in Devorah’s time and she marvels at its ability to explain much of what she knew of how God worked.

 “Do you know the difference between being conscious and being consciously aware,” the lecturer asked? “The human brain has a unique capacity – reflection – conscious awareness, the ability to observe and understand its own inner workings - consciousness. A neurological transformation occurs when we reflect causing the brain to grow stronger connections between its different parts. We are able to see patterns and habits and discern the fundamental differences between everyday consciousness and consciousness itself.

“We are able to connect the oldest most primitive part of our brains – the amygdala – the fear center, source of the flight or fight response, with the newest parts – the insula and anterior cingulate, source of compassion, hope, joy and creativity. With the practice of self reflection” - what I think of as going within first, prayer and mindfulness, Devorah realized – “we can actually shrink the size of the amygdala, alter the thalamus and thus change our perception of reality. We can even expand frontal lobe consciousness and with it our ability to think with concepts and abstractions and enhance intuition, compassion, creativity, and decision making skills.”

Devorah smiled. So, she thought, this is the scientific explanation of the at-one-ment, of my connection to God and spirit and my birthright as a spiritual being having an earthly experience! This is the reason our daily prayers and rituals work!

“Set aside ten to twenty minutes a day for watching but not judging the thoughts and feelings that endlessly flow through your everyday consciousness and you will become calmer, sharper and more compassionate. Stay completely relaxed and centered while doing this and insights with the power to reshape your entire life will soon erupt. That’s the difference between being conscious and being consciously aware.”


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