Monday, October 4, 2010

Practicing Miracles

I get all this intellectually and am able to actually apply it to my life more and more and achieve better and better results: more peace, clarity, less conflict, and greater productivity. The problem is I frequently get stuck: some situation or condition arises and tho I know I don’t have to perceive it as I do and I can ask for help to see it differently, and I do ask for help, my heart and mind are stuck, just going round and round. Eventually, I’ll get the different perception I pray for and the peace and clarity that go with it, but until that happens, I feel awful and experience a lot of stress.

Part of my inability to let go arises from fear, my amygdyla - the primitive lizard part of my brain, gets triggered, adrenalin pours into my system and I get uncomfortably stuck. Deep breathing, going for a walk, meditation and prayer all help with that when it’s happening and as a preventative practice to make me less susceptible to it.

The fear driven need, frequently, the desperate need to be right, often camouflaged as ‘standing up for what’s right’ or ‘doing God’s will,’ also keeps me holding on to perceiving the situation or condition as the world, the unforgiven world, sees and defines it and keeps me from letting go and letting God and the goodness, peace, love and compassion that God is, flow into me and through me, into the situation. After all, if I’m right, if I’m doing what I’m ‘supposed’ to do, ‘should’ do, then I shouldn’t be afraid, right? Except who says what I’m ‘supposed’ to do, or ‘should’ do? The Bible? My parents? My boss? My political party?

The trick is to be mindful and aware, to feel the Presence in everything, no matter what, not take things so seriously, not need to be right, and stay empty – have no feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions, at all, but especially none that weigh me down and cause me to blame, judge, exclude, punish or hurt others. As soon as I start blaming, taking things seriously and need to be right, I want to become aware I’m getting stuck and ask to perceive and experience what’s going on as spirit would perceive and experience what’s going on, with love, compassion, joy, peace and inclusiveness. Do you know why angels fly? Because they take themselves so lightly!

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