Friday, October 1, 2010

Undoing the world

The world is ‘undone’ as the Course talks about undoing, first by being transformed in our minds. Ultimately, for the Course, the world is already ‘undone’ because it is not real – only what God creates is real. But since we are asleep dreaming we are in the world it is real to us, tho the Course says it is an illusion, not created by God. So we come closer to our reality and undo the world, by waking up to our own, and humanity’s, oneness with God, by first transforming our perceptions of the world in our hearts and minds.

We do this as a daily, moment to moment practice, by having the mental and emotional discipline to be aware of our perceptions, thoughts and feelings. We transform the world, not because we ‘saved’ it from anything, but rather because we actively participate in life, demonstrating our belief that God is good and acting from our connection to Its goodness with peace, love, compassion, wholeness and inclusiveness.

Since our experience of a thing is, for us, that thing, when we come from the inside-out, awake and aware that the world can be transformed for us by our own connection to spirit, by thinking, feeling and acting with spirit, the world IS transformed for us! When we control our experience of something, for all intents and purposes, it is the same thing as shaping the thing itself. It is in this way that we ‘undo’ the world.

And have you noticed that when you drop your resistance to unwanted conditions, how they change? That’s because they are free to change, no longer held in place by all the energy we’re pouring into holding them in place. It’s almost magical. It’s an inside-out thing. The connection between consciousness and the so-called material world is one of the last great frontiers of human knowledge and expansion. And you don’t need a Ph.D, a laboratory, or a wagon train to reach that frontier and explore it, you can do it right now, right where you are by waking up, taking responsibility for yourself and knowing there’s much more to Reality than meets the eye.

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