Monday, July 2, 2012

A Better Way

I get very worried, upset and pessimistic at times.  It gets really fierce and stressful.  My body, heart and mind tighten up and shut down and the flight or fight response pours dangerous amounts of cortisol into my system, reinforcing the downward spiral and making it worse.  Does that happen to you, too?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I didn’t have to go through all that; if I could take a nice, deep calming breath and step back from it all?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I didn’t take things so seriously; didn’t react as if my very life and the well being of others and the entire planet were at stake?  Yes, it would be wonderful.

What if I could see mySelf watching myself, the way an adult sees a child playing with toys? At times children take things so seriously, some things that happen in their games are good, others are bad.  Yet the adult, mySelf, does not share these perceptions and judgments because It knows it’s all make believe.  Like that child, myself may believe it is involved in something serious, but the adult, mySelf, knows it’s fantasy.

That’s how we can be, the wonderful way we can feel and be in the world, when we claim our reality as Spirit. What if you experienced, and you have, but haven’t really owned it, how when you change your heart and mind, everything else changes, too?  Wouldn’t you want to work with your Self, your heart and mind first, before getting your self hooked on adrenalin, fear, worrying and doing things in the world?  Isn’t that what Dickens was telling us in the Christmas Carol?

Course in Miracles interpreter Ken Wapnick says, “when you step outside the [ego’s] dream, where Jesus is and always was, you look with him on the world and share his gentle smile, knowing that what you see are children’s games, with no real consequences.” What if you could wake up to your power?  What if you recognized this world is an hallucination, really understood that you made it up and knew that you were safe, secure, loved and at home in the arms of Spirit?  Would any of the fear, stress and uproar be necessary?  No.  Would you be able to make an authentic contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything? Yes!

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