Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Promised Land

God’s promise to Abraham and Moses, as often reported in the Old Testament, was to take the people to a land flowing with milk and honey. What if that “land” was not a “land’ at all, not a geographical place? What if the land flowing with milk and honey is a spiritual place, ready and waiting, as promised, already within us? What if God’s promise is fulfilled, right now?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, Jesus said. So we are in the promised land, or rather, the promised land is within us.  God, divine Mind, and Its ideas, are fully present, available and immediately, practically useful right now, right where you are, wherever you are: in traffic, on the toilet, getting chemo, watching a sunset, having sex. The awareness of this promise fulfilled, this Kingdom within, is the ‘milk and honey’, the sustenance we need waiting for us to tap into.

The Kingdom and Its milk and honey flows as pure energy along a continuum going from the invisible to the visible: from Spirit thru Mental and Emotional to the Physical. Only our thoughts and feelings limit Its manifestations.  The energy Itself is limitless, inexhaustible and unbound by human experience. Living in the Kingdom of the promised land with Its abundant flow of milk and honey is actually the truth about us, our default, once we get our bloated nothingness out of Its way.

To see It and experience It we need to believe in It and want It, letting go of fear and a belief in duality, a belief in a power opposite It. There is only one power, one God. The Kingdom of the promised land is not a far-off destination, It is at hand. Seek it first, and all else shall be added.

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