Friday, July 20, 2012

Whole & Complete: Both Republicans and Democrats

Previously, I posted about living from the inside-out, from our inner, benign spiritual core out to the surface. Living this way is in line with the New Testament injunction to “be ye perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”  In other words, as we feel the perfection of our spiritual core within, which is perfect, we in turn can be perfect and act in a way consistent with the inclusive compassion of spirit.

Though this concept is meant to empower and soothe us, it usually has the opposite effect. We feel tremendous emotional pain and self-judgment for not living up to the ideal of being perfect and without a flaw. “What? Me, perfect? No way! I’m lucky if I can do a few kind and descent things once in a while.” Right?

Well, here’s some good news! The problem is not our lack of perfection, but our definition of perfection.  The Greek word used in Matthew for ‘perfect’ is also translated as “complete” or “whole.” In other words, we are not asked to be perfect, but to be complete and whole, to use all of our energies—spiritual, emotional, mental and physical; and we can do that, in fact, do, do that.  We are just being enjoined to use the inner spiritual more than we do.

Also, Jesus was a reformer and when he spoke of being whole and complete, he was encouraging his people to be more inclusive and let go of limited, cultural, and tribalistic thinking. He was encouraging people to think holistically, to use all their energies, especially the spiritual; to be complete (not limited) in your thinking, even as your Father (First Cause within) in Heaven (Consciousness) is whole, complete and inclusive in Its nature.

Whole, complete: both left and right, not either one or the other, but both—where would you be with just one arm? Both Republican and Democrat, not one or the other, but both. Sure we have to choose when voting, but even then, we can choose from our spiritual core the party that is most inclusive, compassionate and centered.

Perfectionism is not a virtue, but wholeness is. Seeing with the eyes of wholeness and inclusion changes everything. From there we are able to live awakened, empowered and joyous lives, and make our own unique contributions to a world that works for everyone and everything.

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