Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

For the next few posts, Devorah’s insights arise from the Science of Mind monthly magazine. Today’s is as if she were speaking directly to me…perhaps you’ll feel that way, too.

“Stop thinking anyone has to be taught anything. The Intelligence in and through everyone and everything imbues each of us with all we need to navigate life successfully. When we seek to ‘fix’ ourselves, another person, situation or thing, we violate a basic tenet of this Intelligence namely that nothing needs fixing, all is in process, all is awakening to its true potential.

“Every being is a work in progress, moving towards a greater expression of itSelf. This process is often messy, painful, hurtful and difficult, but everyone and everything is doing what its supposed to be doing in the best way it can. We can be inspired to do better quicker, but its best to do this without blame or judgment and not thinking we need to be fixed, because we’re not broken.”

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