Monday, July 29, 2013


“You know, Malachizer, we human beings have an aversion to mistakes. We equate ‘mistakes’ to ‘sins’ and to being wrong.” The High Priest nodded. “But what if there is no ‘sin’? What if what we call a ‘mistake’ is really an opportunity to develop a new awareness?  For example, what if our new awareness showed that a false fact was accepted as true, or that there was a simple misunderstanding or that some method or technique we rely on needed to be adjusted or relearned? If we get defensive about our mistakes, these necessary changes would never occur.

“With ourSelves, there are no mistakes. There are only opportunities to choose again, to learn, grow and change, to become less like ourselves and more like ourSelves. Being negative is easy. The real courage is finding the good in whatever is happening, so-called ‘mistake’ or no, and the pros in every con.”

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