Monday, July 22, 2013

Response Ability

“We tend to think of responsibility as meaning we’re admitting we did something wrong or owning up to a mistake,” Devorah smiled. “That’s OK, but there’s more to it than that. That’s the Scrolls way of thinking about it. The way I like to think about it, the Covenant way, is ‘response ability’ – the ability to respond, a choice about how to respond.”

Barak nodded. “You’re saying we may not be fully responsible for what happens, but we are 100% responsible for how we respond to what happens.”

“Yes, that’s it, Barak!  When we blame, we give up power. If another person, place or thing is to blame only they have the power to heal the situation. It’s only by claiming our inner power, our reality as spirit and identify with ourSelves and by knowing and accepting full responsibility for our responses that we are empowered. That’s ‘response ability.’”

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