Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Please remember, dear readers, that the concepts in Devorah’s mind and many of the words she uses come from The Course in Miracles.

“What if life is not as we think it is,” Devorah said to the soldiers. “What if life is not just a struggle to avoid death and destruction, pain and suffering? What if we’ve had it upside down, inside out and backwards all this time? What if life was meant to be an adventure, an upward spiral of expansion, inclusion, love and joy? What if instead of living as we do fearing, trembling, avoiding, we lived as if we were supported – which we are, and could not fail – which we can’t? What if peace is more than the absence of war? What if the benign spirit of the Covenant is real and the truth about us and the fearsome, punishing spirit of the Scrolls is a mistake? What if there was no sin…?” The soldiers were still, but a few among them smiled and nodded.

Devorah smiled and nodded in return. “The Wisdom Within that guides me and is also available to guide you, tells me that it is essential we not confuse error with sin. For error can be corrected, and the wrong made right. But sin, were it possible, would be irreversible. Remember my brothers, sin is possible only in the ego nightmare, but awake with spirit we know sin is impossible. To sin would be to violate reality and succeed. Sin is the proclamation that attack is real and guilt is justified.

“We children of the one God can be mistaken; we can deceive ourselves; we can turn the power of our minds against ourSelves. But we cannot sin. The Wisdom Within proclaims there is nothing we can do that would really change our waking reality in any way, nor make us really guilty.”

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