Monday, January 11, 2010

Angel Affirmations - Wrap-up

Remember, doing the daily affirmation early in your day, as soon after getting up as possible, gives best results. Doing it with your significant other while holding hands, or with everyone in your house, is splendid! My wife and I always add, "Thank you, thank you, thank you - then say the angel's name," at the end.

During the day, when you're feeling grateful or worried, invoke the angel, and try to catch the angel popping into your mind un-invited.

Please remember, we're not talking about 'real' angels here, you know, human beings with wings and supernatural powers. We're talking about desirable energy patterns, that we've associated with the traditional idea of angels to make it easier for us to access. The more you do the affirmations and allow the energy into your life, the realer it will be for you. It's there available whether you know it or not so make use of it. Good luck, and God speed!

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