Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Broken, Let's Fix It!

Churchill supposedly said, “people get the government they deserve.” Scary thought! But say that Churchill is right and I feel I deserve something better. What then? Washington, Franklin and Jefferson thought they too, deserved something better. As they did 234 years ago, I can realize a change is necessary then join with others to discuss and explore something better. That’s what I’d like to do and invite you to join me in such a discussion/exploration.

I’m not suggesting a second American Revolution as some are, or a Libertarian, Tea Party type solution. Frankly, I’m not very sure what to do, and am scared shitless of those who do, that’s why I want to discuss and explore. I do feel that more than cosmetic change is needed, tho; that changing the governing party from Democract to Republican and back again, isn’t working that well; just look at the “blue dog” Democrats. Bi-partisanship isn’t enough. A third party isn’t enough. Washington warned about political parties and factionalism and he was right.

We need a shift to ‘trans-partisanship’ or no partisanship. The Party system and the polarization, gamesmanship and gridlock that go with it are destroying the country. When party labels, party discipline, party dogma and party loyalty become more important than the health and well being of the Nation, as is the case now, it’s time to ditch party labels, party discipline, party dogma and party loyalty.

If you see this too, and know we can do better and would like to explore ways of achieving a trans-partisan system in which party labels, party discipline, party dogma and party loyalty are irrelevelant, please join me and let’s dialogue.

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