Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Experience of a Moment

So, OK, let’s say we’re knowing its all good and all God and we have a serious car accident. Not only are you badly hurt, but the car is totaled. You’ll live and recover completely, but will miss lot’s of work and have to go through the whole hassle of filing an insurance claim, buying another car and keeping up with work from home. Does all this mean that you’ve pissed God off, that you’re not spiritual enough? No! You’re as spiritual now as you were before the accident, and as spiritual now, as you’re ever going to be, and there’s no way you can piss God off – at least not the real God. The ego God gets pissed off all the time and would be happy to punish you. So what do all these seeming troubles mean?

They mean we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. It is not easy, is it, Ernest Holmes wrote in SOM, to turn from trouble and disease, even when we know very well that there is no trouble and no disease in spirit, and that what we’re experiencing is only the experience of the moment.

No, its not easy to turn from trouble. The choice to turn away from that “experience of the moment,” is difficult. We all face situations so challenging that the drama claims front row center in our consciousness. It helps if we can find someone or read something or experience something that reminds us of who we really are - spiritual beings having a human experience. We have not pissed God off, we are as spiritual right now, as we will ever be. We just need to be reminded. As Katherine Saux said, “I am grateful to know that my perfection is never diminished by my human experiences of the moment, and I allow the universe to support me as I travel my life’s journey, accepting and giving help whenever it is needed.”

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