Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taking Responsibility

Take responsibility and go for more of what works for you and the world and less of what’s not working. Embrace and embody the good, the vision, the ideal. Wrap yourself around it, go deep into your heart and mind, allow the wonder, compassion and vision that’s already a part of you to flow. Nothing less than complete alignment will work. Taking responsibility grudgingly, while still feeling entitled, or sorry for yourself, or like a bruised, innocent victim, will not work. “The word which carries power is the one which has conviction back of it,” Ernest Holmes wrote.

Words and most thoughts, are less important than the feeling behind them. “It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart,” Gandhi said. Taking responsibility means deep conviction, that you experience no separation between words and thoughts and feelings. After all, God is singular, unitary, one. When we talk about the ‘one God,’ it means a single force, undivided, not a god of feelings, a god of thoughts and a god of words. If feelings, thoughts and words are unaligned and going in different directions, we are confusing god, dividing our power, being irresponsible and will stay stuck where we are.

Taking responsibility means getting our shit together and focusing, not forcing things together, or using guilt to motivate us, but rather connecting things in our hearts and minds first, then praying. The prayer of power – the parayer that will ‘work’, is the prayer that comes from being totally, confidently and unwaveringly convinced of the truth that the words express. There’s no hoping, wishing and maybe in it. Spend some time going within to commune with God before opening your mouth.

Thanks again to Katherine Saux in SOM.

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