Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We take the aches, pains and miseries, the dissapointments and setbacks of everyday life as a given, as ‘normal’. Happiness, joy and a feeling of accomplishment and self worth seem to be the rare exceptions. What if we’ve got it upside down and backwards? What if we’re litteraly looking at a photographic negative, not the final printed picture? What could be more normal and natural than health and physical and emotional well-being?

We are in God and God is in us. The same power that makes the sun rise, seeds grow and the tides flow is in us. If that power can do all those big things perfectly, how can it not do us perfectly? It can’t; God is perfect, all the time. God’s will for us is perfection, health, peace and joy. It’s when we use our God power to miscreate fear, doubt and evil that those things manifest. It’s not God’s choice, it’s ours. The power is completely responsive to our use of it. God does not contradict Itself and there is no power oppositte God. When we align with God and seek to be perfect as It is, the very best we can be and make our own unique contribution to a world that works for everyone, we are aligning ourselves with the law and power that holds the universe together.

Experiencing the presence of God - the all that is, eliminates any concepts of being less than whole, perfect and complete. If we could stand aside and let this one perfect life flow through us, Ernest Holmes said, we could not help healing and contributing to a world that works for everyone. The presence of God is the truth of our being and underlies every human experience. The pattern of perfection of which we are apart, is always present, ready to reveal Itself.

Einstein said we can live our lives as if everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle. I choose to look upon the world and see the wholeness of God animating and radiating through it. I am part of this, I am one with this and it is good. Miracles surround me this day. As I heal any sense of my separation from God, I bring blessings, comfort and healing to all. What’s true for me, is also true for you and all of us. Say it, feel it, “I choose….”

Thanks Katherine Saux in the July SOM magazine.

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