Thursday, July 15, 2010

A World that Works for Everyone

Some future topics: dumbing down, the so called news.

Clarification of my definition of a ‘successful’ democracy as one whose citizens strive to live in such a way as to make a positive contribution to a world that works for everyone. I think Americans have had an inclination to do that. We give foreign aid and we fight lot’s of foreign wars, allegedly to spread peace and democracy, often at the expense of our own domestic needs and fiscal solvency.

But peace and prosperity and a world that works for everyone, begin at home. If we cannot create a family, community or nation that works for everyone, if we have poverty, disease and great inequality, if we have no peace in our own individual hearts, if we are full of anger, hate and fear, how can we take care of others? Eventually our hollowness and lack of faith and commitment to our own ideals, the Bill of Rights, for instance, will catch up with us. We are living from a “do as I say, not as I do” place and people will catch wise.

A world that works for everyone is one in which I count, but am not the only one that counts. It is one in which I am aware of how my choices impact my family, community, nation and the world, and I live my life from a centered place. It’s not that I am alone or only I am responsible for the whole world. It’s that I realize that I am part of something bigger than myself; that I have an ego self and a spirt Self; and I consciously choose to be aware of my ego self then chose again to be aware of my spirit Self. And going within where my spirit Self resides, I can be guided, guarded and protected and can choose and act from that place of inner peace, wisdom and faith and thus will be doing my part to build a world that works for everyone.

If I am concerned about my pride, afraid of what people will think, worried about America’s place in the world, about being #1 and being the world’s only super power, if I’m afraid other, somehow lesser, illegal people are going to take what’s mine then I’m choosing and acting from my ego self. Fear has a place, a small place, right there besides the sports metaphor. But faith, faith that God is good all the time, that we are always connected to spirit, that all we have to do is ask – ‘Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, ask and ye shall receive’ – faith in the power and presence, is greater than fear.

Faith is a weak muscle that needs exercise. We have been too long with trumped up fear and dread. Let’s try faith in God and our ideals for a change. What have we got to lose? Things are already going from bad to worse. Let’s build the muscle of faith. Shift to faith and notice that there are good things happening and we do have time to make things better. But only is we shift and choose differently.

Look about you and see who benefits from the status quo and constant litanny of fear and hate. Are they compassionate, peace-loving, inclusive souls? Are they seeking a world that works for everyone or only a world that works for them and theirs?

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