Thursday, February 3, 2011


Michael Beckwith said, “we are here to learn how to swim together in an ocean of love, peace, joy, selflessness, integrity, cooperation, and collaboration, in short – oneness.” How true, how cool, how different from the conventional wisdom that surrounds us! “What we need is not some greater power, but a greater consciousness, a deeper realization of life, a more sublime concept of Being, a more intimate concept of an already indwelling God.” SOM Text p. 141.

Spiritual discontent, the sense that something is lacking or missing [which is true – our sense of connection with spirit is missing, we think we are here, not safely asleep with God watching over us], that we are called to be more and do more; to fulfill some divine destiny, to do our part in the divine plan [for me, to make a contribution to a world that works for everyone and everything] is, real in our worldly experience. What are we to do with it?

We can try to fill what we imagine to be this hole in our souls, this sense of lurking guilt that some call original sin, with material things – sex, food, drugs, booze, suffering, duty and hard work. Or we can see spiritual discontent as an inevitable part of thinking we are living in a world apart from spirit, and deal with it by asserting and manifesting our reality as spirit, by living ‘normal’, balanced, healthy lives while allowing ourselves to be guided by spirit/intuition and following our bliss.

Even in the midst of fear, the compassionate spirit is present. “Deep calls to deep,” always. Not only in calm and peace, but also in the exuberant, uninhibited out-pouring of creative energy. Go for it! Let it all hang out. The soul knows that there is a place within that can never be hurt, harmed, nor endangered. Have the courage to live, love and share from your bliss. Feel the spiritual discontent and know it is urging you forward to make your own unique contribution to a world that works for everyone.

“It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had a negative pattern. The point of power is in the present moment.” Louise Hay. Ernest Holmes says the answer to prayer is in the prayer, and the prayer that carries power, is the one with conviction behind it. A prayer with conviction and congruence - with the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being aligned with the spiritual, is the recognition and acceptance of our oneness with spirit and the realization that spirit is in an through everything, ready to respond to what we’re praying for now, no matter how long the negative pattern has persisted.

Prayer can be a way of actively listening to the still small voice within, and choosing it instead of the ego. Before we even call, God will answer. Going within, accepting and encouraging our spiritual reality and power, shows the ego to be the poor substitute it is. Jesus said if you live in me, ask what you will, and it will be done. The prayer backed by conviction and congruence, enables us to establish closer contact with universal peace, love and wisdom so that we are less influenced by appearances to the contrary.

“Greater things than this shall you do also,” Jesus said. “Know ye not that ye are Gods?” Isaiah said. We need not endure, and by enduring perpetuate, suffering, pain, hate and disease. These are not God’s will for us. These are the consequences in our false belief in duality, in the separation of God and man, spirit and matter. Dissolve the fear, hate and blame now, and with them the disease and suffering by becoming still, going within and praying with conviction and congruence.

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