Friday, February 11, 2011

Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics Connect Social Security, China and the National Debt

So who benefits from using China to scare us into cutting and even eliminating Social Security? Before answering, one more scare tactic – the national debt - these people are using, that also seems to be exaggerated. The fear mongers want us to think we’re at the mercy of liberal, Jewish socialist George Soros and his ilk, and other hateful foreign powers, so cutting or eliminating Social Security to reduce the deficit is an issue of national security.

The truth is 53% of the national debt is held by Americans – pension funds, mutual funds, state and local governments and other domestic investors, including the Fed” – another right wing whipping boy. T Bills are still one of the best investments available. “47% is held by foreigners. Chinese investors hold 9.8%, Japan, 9.7%, Great Britain, 5.1% and Saudi Arabia and all the other rich Arab states hold, 2.6%.”

So put this all together: China is not an immediate economic threat to us; foreign interests holding our national debt are not a threat to us, the deficit is a problem but not as critical as many like to say, plus Social Security is the best anti-poverty program we have, so what’s the real reason it has to be attacked, reduced and dismantled? Right wing extremist rhetoric.

From the time FDR set up Social Security right up till the present moment, the same people, many of whom are actual family descendants of the original anti New Dealers, have been trying to kill it. Why? They just don’t like it or believe in it. It’s against their values and ideals. After all, didn’t Jesus say, “the poor you will have with you always”? It doesn’t matter that Jesus didn’t mean fuck ‘em, the way many who take his name in vain do.

But perhaps if you look at who stands to benefit economically from dismantling Social Security – the insurance companies, big banks, stock brokers you’ll see the real reason for being against it. A world that works for everyone and everything is a fools pipe dream to them. Get real! It’s a dog-eat dog world and they’re gonna make sure they eat and are not eaten. So they use rhetoric and fear to reinforce their world view, scare us away from compassion and community and maintain the status quo. Since the recent economic crash, corporate profits and bonuses are the highest ever – that from a black, socialist President.

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